Living with father's 32 wives, what is it like?

Adegoke Adelabu lived with 32 wives? Is this possible? Read the article and find out the breathtaking details about his life got from the interview with his children.

The personality

First of all, let's clear out who this person really was. He was a famous Nigerian politician. He became a very influential posture in the sphere of politics. Apart from being an independent-minded politican, he used to be a businessman.

Yoruba nation

Speaking about his views, he strongly opposed herd mentality, contradicted the existing type of herd politics. Adegoke Adelabu used to be a leading politician during the 50s in the region of dominance of Yoruba nation. Unfortunately, Adegoke Adelabu died in the car crash.

The family

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The number of his wives and children is a very controversive issue due to the different sources of data  concerning his private life - whether at the time of the death he had 12 or 32 wives and 15 children???

As for his unusual nickname - PENKELEMESI, it was given to him after he created an expression - peculiar mess, while describing the opposition. Some non-literate people have heard it as Penkelemisi - the variant that you can find in the Internet.

Here he is

It was possible to find out more about his life and career - communiacting with his children - Silifat and Nurudeen. They point out that after his death their life has changed. Especially clear were the changes in the attitude of people to them. As for the relationship in the family, they say their family is a unity – a strong nucleus. What’s more, together all his relatives constitute a special committee – its aim is to hold all his anniversaries in a proper way. 

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