Naija beauty tips: How to have wavy hair overnight?

You are going to the party and want to look stunning with your perfect wavy hairdo, but your hair unwinds very fast? Read the article and find helpful counsels for you.

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If you are going to a party or some festive event, and want to make a hairstyle with wavy hair, then you certainly want to make your curls last longer, want them to be resilient and beautiful. How can this be achieved? Read what are the techniques for curly hair to remain so longer and not to straightened at the most inappropriate moment.

Waves make the hairstyle more feminine and add volume to it. Wavy styling is suitable for any occasion, especially when you need to bowl the surrounding men over with your beauty. This romantic hairstyle is perfect for a date or for a corporate party.

The most durable way to perm hair at home - is a thermal wave or hot rollers or crimper. You cannot crinkle wet hair, only dry. Take strands of about 2-3 cm wide. You should take of hot rollers only after they completely got cold. If you wave hair with the help of a round hair brush, using for that the hairdryer, the trick is to cool the strand with help of the cold air of a hair dryer before you roll out a strand.


The most "long-playing" curls can be obtained with a perming. But this method spoils hair very strong. Next on the list are metal curlers and curling tongs.

A lifetime of curls also depends on their size, length and thickness of the hair, and their structure. Small curls always last longer than large. For those curls, curlers can be used, as well as the thin foam curlers. If you want voluminous curls in the style of Victoria's Secret Angels use the average diameter of the curling iron. If smaller elastic curls - use the curling iron with a smaller diameter.

If you wave broader strands on a curling iron with smaller diameter you can get careless light waves, and they will stay longer. But do not buy a curling iron with a larger diameter, if you want to get big curls. They, in fact, do not curl the hair but simply give them volume and texture. Any curlers should be removed only when the hair is completely dry, otherwise, the locks quickly unwind. The best way is to dry waved hair in a natural way, even though it takes more time.

How do you like?

At the thick from nature, smooth and straight hair curls hold bad, because, under the force of gravity, they are constantly trying to straighten up and take its natural shape. If your hair is damaged by paint or bleaching, that they have a porous, uneven structure, and waving long retains its original appearance. Also naturally wavy hairs also do not look to unwind.

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If you have long hair curls also look absolutely luxurious, but under their own weight unwind very quickly. Therefore it is better to select for them smaller rollers than for short hair and hair of medium length. It is necessary to crinkle curls only on clean hair because the fat film does not give them a foothold. That is why hairdressers stylists recommend always wash your hair before styling. You must use qualitative styling products for curls to hold longer. Special sprays and pastes, wax sprays, spray with sea salt and different dry shampoos will help you do this.

They make the hair wirier, confuse them and allow hairdressing stay much longer. The scheme is as follows: first, be sure to use thermal protection on the hair when it is dry, apply one of the means for texture, distribute over all the hair and then curl. And do not forget the fact that in addition to persistent curls, these tools also provide additional volume. And do not forget to sprinkle the finished hairdo with hair spray. It is important to choose care products that are suitable for you.

Our grandmothers to get elastic curls used quite different methods to curl their hair. For curls to hold longer were used beer, flax seeds, sugar water and other home remedies for hair curling. Curling thin hair with rollers, use a light spray with a note "For thin hair" because further curls fixation can weight the hair or spoil the hair. Before curling let hair means soak well. Comb thin hair after curling in curlers comb with a few teeth.

What a haircut?

In order to achieve high-quality results of the safety techniques, you need to follow a few simple rules:

1. Before laying a hairdo wash your hair with the help of special shampoo. The fact is that a thin layer of fat protects hair against external influences and in such a manner hinders hairdressing.

2. Wrap the head in a toilet paper, which protects the hair from drying out, keeping its moisture.

3. Thin strands are kept for about the whole day; if you need such fixity of hairstyle, you need to make thin partings and apply smaller curlers, for example, or curl papers.

4. Hair damaged by bleaching or painting holds the curls as well as curled by nature. Therefore, it is not necessary to apply mousses and varnishes for them, which make the structure more crumbly.

5. In the case of using hair sprays, it is necessary to put them at arm's end and use only those sprays that are suitable for your type of hair.

6. You should remove the curlers only when the hair is completely dry, otherwise, the hair will unwind.

7. Thermo hair curlers are removed only when they completely cooled down.

8. After removing the curlers, in any case, you should not comb the hair, this will break the structure; just disassemble locks with your hands.

9. Waving your hair with the influence of hot air and the hair brush, before spinning back, you need to cool down the curls with the help of cool air from a hair dryer.

Do not be afraid to try different techniques to deal with your curls, but try to find the safest one, which will not spoil your hair. And be ready to surprise your friends and haters with awesome hair waves, which will hold for the whole night.

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