Newborn twins are found dead in a Lagos canal

What happened to the world? Two newborn twins are found dead in Lagos? What the police can say about this accident?

Two newborn twins are found dead

Two newborn twins are found dead in Lagos canal on last Friday. According to witnesses, the two bodies were placed near the filing station of the Ajangbadi area. Witnesses also informed that by the time of finding the kids, they were alive. Nevertheless, when the police officers came to the site, kids were dead.

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According to the police command, locals did not call the authorities in time. Therefore, upon the arriving of the Ilemba Hause division to the site, they had no option to save kids. The police called for State Environmental Health Monitoring Unit. The doctors confirmed the death of kids and sent them to a mortuary.

death of kids

Police sources informed that if the locals had called the police sooner, there could have been a chance for saving now dead twins. Nevertheless, instead of taking some actions, locals mostly took some shots, and some of them even posted the pictures on the social pages.

It`s probable that their mother abandoned the babies shortly after being born. The police forces tried to get some answers from locals about the case and get some volunteers to find the mother of twins. Still, there were no clues from the canal site which could lead to the killer of kids.

killer of kids

According to Dolapo Badmos, who is the representative of police, the investigation of the case with two dead twins is going on. Ilemba Hausa division continues to pose questions to witness on the subject of finding the mother. Nevertheless, Dolapo also informed about shocking behavior of locals, where instead of taking pictures by their mobile phones, they should have used the function of any calling device. The corpses of the twins were placed in a morgue for autopsy.

killer of kids

The exciting moment about the case is not the mother who abandoned their children, but people whose negligence have led to the death of two kids. It`s not the only case of a mother leaving `a child to death in Lagos. Two years ago the similar case appeared in news.

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