Please tell me how to cook beans

Please tell me how to cook beans

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soak the beans need to pre-boiled for 5-10 minutes on low heat and after that very cold water. If you soak the beans in the raw water, it may get hard and glassy, only soaked in pre-boiled water the beans will turn out very tasty and properly cooked. The soaking time varies from 8 to 12 hours, it is better to remove the container of beans in the cold.

If you want to give the beans a spicy flavor, the soaking can be used and good beer, the soaking time will be the same. After soaking it needs to be put on the fire, without spilling the beer, and cook directly in it – when cooked, harmful substances and alcohol contained in the beer will evaporate and disintegrate.

Another important thing that allows you to cook delicious beans, is that to the boil it is necessary to bring on a very low heat – it should simmer not less than half an hour after you put it on the fire. After boiling the beans also need to cook on a moderate heat at low boil.

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