Rio 2016 Paralympics stars pose naked to kick away all stereotypes relating to disabled people

Four British Paralympic athletes posed naked to express their attitude to the beauty of the body.


Tennis star - Jordanne Whiley, Lewis Edwards - swimmer, sprinter - Betty Woodward and powerlifter - Ali Jawad took part in a photo shoot for the magazine the Sport.

"You do not have to be a model to be beautiful!" - The motto of the British Paralympic team member held a naked photo shoot for the magazine the Sport, in order to teach people to love themselves for who they are.

Tennis Star at the Paralympics, member of the British Paralympic team Jordan Whiley, and three of her teammates - swimmer Lewis Edwards, sprinter Betty Woodward, conducted an unusual photo shoot, appearing nude for the magazine Sport.


27-year-old Whiley, a native of Dudley, said: "I want to prove the reality to people: you do not need to be a model to look good in the photos. I am more than far from perfect, but I'm comfortable in my body. I feel healthy, and I think that every woman should aspire to such things. "

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Jordan Whiley is the most successful British tennis- Paralympic player. In 2014 she won all four Grand Slam tournaments for people with disabilities. Being a child, she was suffering from a disease of the skeletal system, known as osteogenesis imperfecta, or "crystal sickness." She did not remember how she had fractures in her life.


23-year-old sprinter Betty Woodward from Hampshire is another participant in an unusual photo session. In 2012, at the Paralympic Games in London, she won a silver medal in the distance of 200 meters in class T37. Looking at her beautiful figure, it is impossible to guess that Betty has cerebral palsy.

27-year-old weightlifter Ali Jawad was born without both legs. When he was only 6 months, his parents moved from Lebanon to the UK. Jawad was engaged in weightlifting from 16 years and now he claims to be the medal of the Paralympics in Rio, pressing on the chest rod is three times heavier than their own weight. In 2009, he was recommended to leave the sport since he was diagnosed with a serious bowel disease - Crohn's disease, but the athlete refused. In 2010, he underwent emergency surgery for health reasons, removing part of the small intestine - after which he returned to the sport.


Former soldiers of Lewis Edwards lost part of an arm in a car accident a few days before the trip to Iraq. According to him, thanks to the sport he could take his injury and move on.

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