Road safety campaign in Russia: Why are naked women holding road signs?

Topless Girls can reduce the speed! This is the unbelievable conclusion which was made after experiments in Russia and Denmark.


In Russia, in Volodarsky district of Nizhny Novgorod region, half-naked girls went out on the street in a police caps, black lingerie, boots and with traffic signs. That way the original flash mob participants urged drivers to follow speed limits.

To make sure that the traffic signs that they are holding are not left out of sight of traffic violators, participants took off their bras. Signs indicating speed limits they kept at the area of the bare chest. When the driver was driving in excess of the allowed speed, the girls raised their signs up, dismantling their charms. Only after this "riders" braked and decreased the speed.

"I will begin to undress too, probably, in order to cross the road - drivers did not want to stop," - quoted a local resident of Nizhny Novgorod. At a pedestrian crossing area in the village, where there was a flash mob, motorists usually do not reduce speed. Therefore, the organizers have decided to send on this site "Front Road" girls who are ready to throw their weight behind traffic regulations with bare chest.

Organizer of the action was the public organization "Auto Run". According to the Internet portal "proGOROD" with reference to the traffic police department for the Nizhny Novgorod region earlier similar events have already been held, but the last time the girls were "more dressed up."


From clothes activists had only candid underwear. The ladies walked in boots and sunglasses with a speed limit signs of 60 and 40.

The purpose of the event is to force speeders to change their mind and slow down.

In fact, organizers of the flash mob opposed the new amendments to the traffic regulations.

The fact that on the 1 of September, 2013 in Russia the fines for speeding were canceled (for violations less than 20 km/h) "With the introduction of this amendments they actually legalized speed in towns 80 km/h, while the traffic regulations remain unchanged and moving in the settlements is permitted at a maximum speed of 60 km/h. To draw attention to this issue, we conducted the action, "- said the organizers.

Despite the shocking and distracting drivers share, for the entire day, there is no single accident which has been recorded in this area. Usually, the girls held signs on the chest and raised their hands when they saw the car moving at an exceeding speed.


The organizers have already contacted the traffic police with a proposal - why not enlist surveyor in the state of a few dancer-girls for prevention the violations of the traffic regulations.

We note that recently in Krasnoyarsk student of a local school-dance floor went out and danced on the poles right at the road signs as a stripper.

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In Denmark, the young girl decided in rather original way to fight for the observance of traffic rules by the drivers. After all, according to statistics, about 70% of the Danes from time to time go faster than it is expected. According to many experts, this is due to the fact that drivers simply do not pay attention to the speed limit signs.


In order to attract drivers’ attention at the signs on the streets, the Danish girls began to go out on the streets and call themselves Speedcontrol Bikini Bandits. They stand by the roadside with signs in hand and in such a way forcing drivers to pay attention to the speed they need to go. But the most important thing is that the girls are on the road ... half-naked! They just dress high heels and short skirts!

And it turned out that the drivers really began to go slower! Frankly speaking, they pay attention not to the signs, as they have a desire to be closely to them as much as possible in order to stare at the charm of beautiful women (and actually these girls are very nice). Moreover, some of them simply stoped near Speedcontrol Bikini Bandits, thus creating a traffic jam. 

Upon learning that they have become parties to the ordinary flash mob, all motorists have broken the speed mode supported the idea of the organizers.

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