Sean Tizzle explains the reason of extramarital childbirth increasing in Nigeria

Interested in Sean Tizzle personality? Read what he thinks about Baby Mamas, extramarital childbirth and pranks, which girls do with condoms.

Sean Tizzle

Today I would like to tell you about Sean Tizzle and his attitude to the childbirth in Nigeria. First of all, let’s clear out the personality of Sean Tizzle. He is considered to be the Nigerian singer and songwriter.  In a recent time he managed to cooperate with Sound Sultan's record, Difference Entertainment, D'Tunes. Sean Tizzle is known for the releasing of hits in the genre of African popular music. He has signed a deal concerning a multi millionaire endorsement with Telecommunications company MTN.

Singer and songwriter

Sean Tizzle comments on the Babymamahood trend thriving in the sphere of entertainment, explains the reasons of the trend development and its increasing.

According to Sean Tizzle, pre-marital childbirth rate in Nigeria is changing due to the Baby mamas, who tend to provoke condom leakage and persuading the celebrities – becoming pregnant and birth of children.

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This way, he doesn’t support abortion, but at the same time he calls for following some measures in order to make your sexual relationship safe and pleasant. He stresses that if you are pregnant, there is a need to ask yourself, whether you need to leave this child or it’s better not to give birth to him.

Chic Sean Tizzle

Sean Tizzle also points out that you can’t fully rely even on condoms – they can’t guarantee you 100% safety. However, the most peculiar feature, is that a great number of girls tend to make holes in the condoms they are intending to use during sex with celebrities, like Ice Prince, Olamide, Wizkid etc.

So, the only way out is to use your own condoms instead of condoms offered by a girl, with whom you are going to spend the night.

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