What are the funniest wedding games in Nigeria?

Nigeria is famous for a great number of wedding games. Read the article and decide which one to choose to make your wedding story and memories really unbelievable.


First of all let's talk about the Nigerian wedding in general as this process is deserves our attention not less than the most funniest wedding games in Nigeria.

Family Igbo nation (her mother) prepares his daughter for the wedding. In the yard on a wooden shelf you can find cereals, fish, meat, various vegetables and fruits. It's all because of the widespread tradition in Nigeria for 2-3 months before the wedding to fatten the girls. Sometimes it can take longer if the parents have money. During all this time the bride does not leave the house, she is released from any work, she should not see anyone but older relatives, she is explained all the basics of life in marriage. Daily all the maids rub the girl's skin with chalk and palm oil so as to make it white and soft. In addition, the recluse is prohibited to appear in the sun, her main task is to eat, at the same time as often as possible.

The choice of the groom

However, hard times are also coming. According to the tradition, the bride must give the name of her beloved one in the language of tom-tom. In addition, it shall notify the applicant for her hand and heart that the process of fattening is coming to an end and she is ready for the marriage. Then, on the appointed day come the grooms. The problem is that the language of tomtom has very free translation. And according to the custom, the husband would be the one to whom the bride's father will give the cup of palm wine. And so the bride can only hope that his father will make the right choice. On the day of the triumph of the bride, she must not touch the ground from the threshold of her house to the groom's home. All the way should be done with the hands of the athlete or in a car.

The diversity of traditions

Really beautiful

Such a diversity of wedding traditions isn't as diverse as in Nigeria. Here, according to various estimates, there are about 200-1000 nationalities, with each having their own traditions.

For example, a small town Shao, Kwara State. There are a few different nationalities. In this town there is only one day a year when is settled this "big wedding". On this day, the loud sounds of horns, trumpets, tom-toms inform everybody about the beginning of the holiday, when all girls and boys are mature enough to marry. In this celebration take part dozens of people and sometimes hundreds of young people. This day takes place in October.

And the Yoruba and other related groups of this tribe hasn't got such a tradition, but their wedding is very interesting. Preparations begin in advance. The main role is played by the groom and his relatives. Their activities are divided into 3 stages:

Don't you like it?

  • the choice of the bride;
  • betrothal;
  • marriage.

All the female relatives are looking a bride for a guy. The main requirement - no hereditary diseases. Of course, preference is given to those families who have no debts. Although relatives of the bride and she are not active, still the last word is for them.

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Now let's turn to the main topic of the article - the best wedding games.

It inevitably will become a shower of jokes and fun.


First of all, one of the most important games is - Bridal Advice Keys. This time the bride will definitely get to know all the information how to be a good wife, through the game she will get useful advices from experienced people who are married for many years.

Secondly, it is worth playing the game - I Have Never. Most commonly this game is played under the influence of alcoholic ease of mind. The main aim of the game is to make every girl complete the sentence - I have never...Such game ofcourse will help you bring all the skeletons of the cupboard.

Cute brides

Thirdly, the Mr and Mrs Quiz - because of this game you can ask each other questions concerning their thoughts and relationship. After this the answers of the bride are compared with the answers of the groom.

In addition to this, you are to play the game - Two truths and a lie. This will help all the guests easily get to know each other. So every guest shares the experience with others - three situations which you came across with the bride or groom, some of them may be true and some - not.

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