What are the most bizzare marriage rituals around the world?

There are just some of unusual marriage rituals and traditions of different countries around the world in this article. I think you definitely do not know about it! Do not miss it! Let's read with us!

Wedding in Ukraine

Marriage rituals of different peoples around our world are so diverse and surprising, that sometimes it is difficult to believe. However, these traditions exist and are an integral part of the lives of people around the globe. Many wedding traditions of ancient times have moved to the past.

Did you know that in Africa someone is decided the groom to beat with sticks before the wedding, in India, you can get married to a tree, and in America, to gain access to the bride, it is necessary to perform feats?

A wedding is the most vivid and memorable event in the life of every person. There are wedding traditions and marriage ceremonies, which special and very interesting in each country. Every country in the world has its own wedding traditions that are sufficiently unique and original. Probably, it is necessary to pay attention to some of the most interesting and unusual wedding ceremonies of different countries and peoples =))

1. Malaysia

Wedding Malaysia

In Malaysia, during the wedding ceremony, every guest who came to the celebration, is naturally obliged to give the newly made spouses boiled egg. In Malaysia, it is a symbol of prosperity and wealth, so all residents comply with this tradition.

2. Finland

Wedding Finland

In Finland, during the wedding ceremony, or rather at the time of when the guests give gifts, there is a tradition say the exact sum of money, which guest gives to the newlyweds. Therefore, all guests very carefully prepare gifts for the Finnish wedding

3. Bedouins

Wedding Bedouins

Bedouins have a rather impressive wedding ceremony. Wedding table must be decorated very richly and contain the main course, - rather unusual. They take any fish and put the egg on top (often several eggs), then stack the bird on top, and of course, it's already cooked. Then into a bird is folded fish with eggs, these products are placed in roasted ram, which in turn goes into the roasted camel. Are you surprised? This is a common food ritual for Bedouin at the wedding.

4. Bermuda Islands

Wedding Bermuda

Bermuda has its strange marriage rituals and traditions. Couples fixed to the celebratory cake real trees, which at the end of the ceremony the couple plants near their home. At one wedding uses only one living tree to which couple must give a lot of attention. Because according to legend, the couple happiness will depend on the tree, and the longer it will live, the better it will for a family.

5. Mexico

Wedding Mexico

In Mexico, the guests bind the bride and groom with a lasso in the area of the shoulders. It is easy to assume that such a wedding rite may allude to the integrity and indissolubility of marriage.

6. Korea

Wedding Korea

Citizens of Korea are thinking that geese and ducks are a symbol of fidelity and infinite love. Therefore, geese and ducks are the most welcome guests at the Korean wedding ceremony.

Wedding Korea

Also, the peoples of Tujia, that reside in the territory of China have quite bitter and mournful tradition. Bride one month before own wedding day begins crying bitter tears, as soon as the sun disappears behind the horizon. Ten days later, instead of to calm her, her mother joins, the remaining relatives after ten days then are crying near bride too, and on the eve of the ceremony of the wedding - all the friends of the bride weep together. Moreover, while they are crying, these ladies sing special songs. Young Korean women are learning it from an early age because it is believed that the more tears to cry, the happier and carefree family life will has a girl.

7. Pakistan

Wedding Pakistan

In Pakistan, every girl who leaves her home and is planning to get married should quit his house with the Koran on his head.

8. Fiji

Wedding Fiji

There is a bizarre marriage ritual: a groom is required to give half of the whale tooth his future father in law. This present means high status and the wishes of prosperity for the future relatives.

9. Croatia

Wedding Croatia

On the Croatian weddings, all guests come to the well and start throwing apples, symbolizing wealth. This ritual helps the couple to become financially secure and influential.

10. India

Wedding India

India boasts tough, but at the same time, an exciting age range of entry into marriage. Indian girls can marry at an onset of 16 years, but young men have every right to marry since five years.

11. Bali

Wedding Bali

A very strange ceremony is held on the island of Bali. Residents adhere to ancient custom wedding ceremony - rasp away teeth newlyweds. During the wedding the newlyweds have to lose their teeth, which saw off without the use of pain medication. Newlyweds lose six teeth, incisors, and canines. This is done to ensure that no one thought that the couple belongs to the evil spirits. Also, this ritual symbolizes the entry into an adult and independent life. According to legend Aboriginal people, if the teeth are left after the marriage, they can be a source of animal instincts (fangs animals are associated with human teeth), which will inevitably lead to troubles.

Wedding Bali

Brides are moving under the care of a loved one and lose "the loving wing" of their parents, removing with them the burdens of caring for their child. The groom's parents should not only pay for the wedding but also regularly help their children. In addition, during this procedure, a couple gets rid of the devilish vices, which are six: anger, lust, envy, gluttony, greed and stupidity.

12. France

Wedding France

In this romantic country so many years ago, the bride had to pretend that she is against the marriage. A woman was screaming, crying and trying to escape from her own wedding right up to the ceremony. This behavior shows that the man has the extremely virtuous woman.

13. Spain

Wedding Spain

Spanish newlyweds were very unlucky, and they had a real torture. Newlyweds were persecuted before the wedding night. They were pursued, then caught, tied up and stabbed with sharp sticks, and sometimes they forced to plow the land.

14. Sahara

Wedding Sahara

Brides, who are from the Sahara, are most unlucky. The girl is prepared for the wedding since 12 years, and relatives begin to fatten her up to incredible sizes. Large rounded shapes of women are the ideal of beauty of the peoples of the Sahara. If a woman has a large size, she successfully will get married. In addition, the family of the bride has a high social status and, especially, good financial reserves. If the parents of the bride do not have money to fatten the bride, she is transmitted to relatives.

15. Albania

Wedding Albania

In Albania, during the first three days after the wedding, the young wife remained chaste, that evil spirits were convinced of her goodness.

16. Switzerland

Wedding Switzerland

In some areas and villages Switzerland has still preserved the tradition - the day before the wedding everyone can douse the bride with mud from head to toe. In the truest sense of the word. The more unpleasant this swill looks and smells, the more rejoice participants of this special procedure. In the preparation of this hellish mixture is added everything: ketchup, mayonnaise, eggs, beer, yogurt, rotten leftovers. Well, in addition to the adoption of a stinking shower, a bride must hike to all pubs and another public place of the town under the escort of the groomsmen, to onlookers demonstrate compliance with the tradition and respect for wedding rite. It is believed that after such humiliation, nobody will pay attention to this girl.

17. Australia

Wedding Australia

Men among the Australian Aborigines were less civilized than we have now. They literally staged a hunt for brides. Some days the groom followed the girl, and then crept up to her, hit the head with the truncheon, and took away an unconscious girl to his tribe.

18. Bulgaria

Wedding Bulgaria

In Bulgaria, the boy throws to the girl an apple to make a marriage proposal

19. Germany

Wedding Germany

In Germany, on the eve of the wedding certainly is beating the dishes in front of the bride's house, which invites "hooligans"  for a visit as a sign of gratitude. It is believed that the broken dishes bring her luck. The groom should demonstrate his neatness: after he made a girl a marriage proposal, he goes to sweep the steps the Town Hall. Meanwhile, the bride should check the quality of cleaning.

20. Greece

Wedding Greece

Greece is famous for its dances: at a wedding ceremony marks the money dance, during which guests attach notes to outfits of newlyweds. There are several other traditions in Greece. For example, to determine who will be the head of the family, the wedding day the bride tries to step on foot the groom. Bridegroom has to be extremely agile, so do not become a henpecked. Another interesting Greek tradition - little children jump in bed newlyweds before the wedding night. It is believed that this will ensure the welfare of the family.

21. Borneo

Wedding Borneo

In tribe Tidong, who inhabited the island of Borneo, according to the ancient customs of the couple are tested the strength of their willpower and body. If they withstand this ordeal, they, supposedly, will live a happy and carefree life. But if they do not it - won't be able to escape disorders, quarrels, and terrible grief. The essence of the test is that for three days after the wedding ceremony, the couple cannot go to....the toilet. I think it is not worth talking that the unhappy couple suffers, do not drink water and as a whole do not eat at all. The couple cannot cheat, because watchful observer-guards are always with them. Well, who said that happiness gets easy?

22. India

Wedding India

Funny wedding traditions exist in India. Residents can have to wife a tree. Why? The answer is simple: the younger brother must not marry till the elder brother is the bachelor. To give the opportunity to younger brother, older brother symbolically marries a tree. After the ceremony, a tree cut down that symbolizes the death "of his wife."

23. Chechen Republic

Wedding Chechen Republic

The Chechen Republic is famous for the most modest, wise and discreet wives. On the wedding day, the bride is hidden in a corner, away from the views of others. According to custom, she is prohibited from talking with relatives of her husband, except that she said is: "Drink to health." But only in response to the request to bring water.

By the way, no one has to call them by name. Also, during the offering of the gifts, all the guests are trying every way to hurt and to talk with the bride.  But the most interesting, guests compete who say the best caustic remarks about bride. On the Chechen wedding, it is normal to hear that the bride is ugly or something like that. If a girl responds to provocations and answers, it speaks about her stupidity and lack of restraint. This means that she will not be a good wife.

24. Russia

Wedding Russia

According to the Old Russian tradition, the parents of the newlyweds greeted them with bread and salt. Lovers need to bite a large piece of bread at the same time from different sides. It is believed that someone will bite off more, would be master of the house. Also, it is necessary to break off a piece of one hand, then dip in salt and give a spouse. This symbolizes that the young already "oversalt" (offend) each other, and in the future will not hurt your soul mate. Parental bread does not give out someone, and a couple has to eat it during the feast. Thus, the wealth remains in the family.

25. Ukraine

Wedding Ukraine

Very gentle and beautiful tradition that has a lot of variations, depending on the region of Ukraine is the removal of a bridal veil of the bride. This tradition symbolizes the adoption of a new person in the family. According to tradition, the bridal veil must be removed by the mother in law. As a rule, this tradition takes place in the playful form. First, the groom tries to remove the veil, showing that she is not the bride, she is already a wife. Bride, jokingly, resists allegedly have and not quite come to terms with the loss of their independence and freedom. Then comes the mother in law and removes the veil, then she cover the bride's head using a headscarf. After this, the bride dances with all her unmarried girlfriends and try it on to each girl the veil on her head, thereby wishing them in the near future to meet her man and marry him.

Wedding Ukraine

Another very touching and beautiful ritual, which takes place at the end of the evening is the lighting of the hearth. The fire has high power, and that is why at the birth of a new family is necessary to light the family hearth. From time immemorial, the family hearth is considered women, so mothers of two families on the wedding day (bride's family and groom's family) light the family home in a new family, symbolizing the transfer of his wisdom.

The most unusual marriage rituals around the world exist in African countries.


Wedding Africa

It is said that the wedding of African Americans should has a broom. At a time when slavery existed, and marriage between slaves was prohibited, the couples found loopholes that were allowing getting out of the situation: the newly formed couple had to jump over a broom, which meant the beginning of their union. This is an interesting superstition been strengthened, which is why there is a broom on each African-American wedding to this day.

26. Kenya

Wedding Kenya

In this country, marriage is possible only after the bride's pregnancy is confirmed. Weddings are not held without pregnancy, and moreover, after the marriage process is complete, the spouse should start to wear clothes of his wife. Well, the newly made husband should be in women's garb the month, to experience for yourself all the charm of the female being. He must do it at least three months, and in such a way the man should realize how challenging a woman bears a child. A wife decorates the hand by a pattern in black and red as a sign of status change.

27. Nigeria

Wedding Nigeria

Every groom of the tribe Ibo undergoes a physical test. Only after passing the test, he can marry a girl. The many relatives of beauty girl are line up, creating a crowd. And the future husband has to go through this group of people. All anything, but they fiercely beat him with sticks at this time. Family gladly takes the family this guy, thinking that he was ripe for marriage if he "went through" all the relatives.

Wedding Nigeria

But Nigerian brides has a real beauty only with excess of weight, and it is necessary before the wedding for months to gain the greatest possible weight, as much as possible. Parents send them to special institutions where specialists shall see to it that they eat kilograms of carbohydrates and drink liters of fat camel milk. In addition, they are very limited in movement

28. Rwanda

Wedding Rwanda

Just do not be envious!!! Here the wife can legitimately scoffs of her husband. They are allowed after the wedding beat, push, bite and scratch their hubby at night and during the day to rest from the exhausting "exercises." But, it goes on for a brief period, the only couple of weeks. Aborigines sincerely believe that conducting this ritual, the wife gets rid of anger for a lifetime, and therefore will not be squabbling in the family.

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29. Nepal

Wedding Nepal

In Nepal, the future mothers of the bride and groom agree on the wedding. Why are the future mothers? Because their children are still at the embryonic stage of development at the time of engagement. If children are born the same sex, the contract is considered invalid. But it is not so surprising, as the tradition of Newar folk, which means to get married to fruit (fruit of the forest apple tree - aegle marmelos), symbolizing of sacred Vishnu.

Here are just some of strange marriage rituals and traditions of different countries around the world. If you investigate details more, you will find a lot more interesting and bizarre wedding traditions and ceremonies. Every nation of every country honors their wedding ceremonies and trying to stick to them. Despite the ancient beliefs, nowadays, many of these wedding rituals are still present at the wedding ceremonies around the world. Probably, a unique the most fundamental similarity between all peoples is considered love and the joint life of the spouses. Although, there are also some nuances in some countries...

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