What are the most important things to save when your house is burning?

What would you do if your house is burning down? What are the most important things to save in the fire? Read the article to find out!

Fire House

Fire is a thing that can damage everything if it`s used inappropriately. Fire gives an advance to a human civilization but it can burn down everything people have earned. According to house fire statistics in the USA, around ten percent of people die from the fire in their home while trying rescue possessions. If your house is burning it`s a catastrophe, still if you might need to remember that your life is more valuable than any possessions. Nevertheless, if you had a possibility to save important things from a house burning down, which things would that be? In this article, it is presented the most needed things to you to save in a burning fire.

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Life in Fire

Life is the most precious thing given to us by the universe. That`s the reason that everything alive in the house burning down should be saved in the first place. The most crucial are to save your children and wife/husband, other relatives and only then pets. Nevertheless, remember that your life is also precious.

Important documents

Important documents

Before fire strikes your house, it would be more efficient to place all important documents into a single location. All your birth certificates, passports, diplomas, research papers, car documents, driver licenses and other typical documents are needed to be saved as it`s a quite time consuming to restore them. Moreover, some documents can`t be restored.


Memories in Fire

It all goes with old photo albums, videotapes and things related to a memory of the past. You would need to remember how you were young. It would be disappointing if you couldn`t show your old pictures to grandchildren because the photos were burned down. Modern technologies can help you with storing your old memories on the internet.


Wallets in Fire

You would need to provide some refuge for your family and without credit cards and cash, it`s quite impossible. People can always help you with spare cash after your house burned down. Still, it`s better if you have all your money under control, then you would not need to spend time in banks restoring your credit cards. Also, some cash for a first time after the house was burned down.

Car and car keys

Car and car keys

The car is the second to by price to a house. That`s one of the reasons of saving your metal heart-engine friend. It can also provide you necessary refuge for the first times after house burning. Moreover, it would be the first place to store all other necessary things to save from the fire. With a car, you would be more mobile and could find help and refuge for a first time from your distant relatives.


Gadgets in fire

It`s the era of information, and the information that placed in your gadgets is not less valuable for you. People are lazy, and it seems that without gadgets, they would be less useful in a hazardous situation. The first device to save is your mobile phone, as it contains the list of valuable contacts that you do not remember by heart. All gadgets that contain valuable information like logins and passcodes should be saved in a first turn.


Jewelries in fire

It might be something that was given to you as a present, but now it can be not only a part of a precious memory but also a chance of restoring your house. Moreover, as it was mentioned, jewelry also contain a piece of memory from your past. Jewelry may also be the first aid for you as it can be quickly transferred into cash.


Awards in fire

It seems that you are not in a state to win again that physics competition is eights grade. That`s the reason to save all your special awards and trophies as you will never win them again and it`s doubted that you can restore them somehow. Also, all winning awards contain the memory of your past, of your previous success in life. It`s also well interesting things to show on family occasions.

Favorite cloth

Favorite cloth in fire

Sometimes women may complain that they have nothing to put on the evening event. Still, when it comes to the dress treasury that needed years to earn, women can be quite enthusiastic in saving these belongings. Nevertheless, the most valuable cloth is also needed to be saved. It`s not always a designed dress from last fashion collection.  It also means cloth that contains some memories of your past, and valuable for you in a philosophical way.


Pills in fire

It`s always necessary to have some savings from first aid box. After your house burning down, your most valued people may feel existed physically and mentally. That is the exact reason to save some medicine from your home to give to the most beloved first.

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