What are the prophecies for Nigeria 2016?

What did the pastor of Nigeria say about political and economic situations in Nigeria? What will be the next actions of terroristic organizations, according to him? Read the article to learn the latest predictions.

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Prophet Chris Okafor, the founder and general supervisor of Mountain of Liberation and Miracle Ministries has presented some prophecies. Earlier he already managed to predict a victory of president Buhari on elections. He said that this is the person elected by God to fight corruption. These are his prophesies 2016:

On Terrorism and Nigerian Army

Boko Haram gained fame after Mohammed Yusuf, later executed by the authorities of Nigeria, became its leader. A main goal of the organization is introduction of Sharia in all territory of Nigeria and eradication of the western way of life. Islamists in Nigeria for several years actually wage war against the authorities, attacking the objects connected with army and police, and also dealing shortly with elders and leaders of religious communities. The UN declared Boko Haram a terrorist organization.

prophecies for Nigeria 2016

For the last six years radical Islamists have killed more than 20 thousand residents of Nigeria, Cameroon and Chad, and even more than 2.5 million people have been forced to leave their houses. In the spring of 2015 the group Boko Haram, which name is translated as 'the Western education is a sin' has taken the oath of fidelity of the terrorist organization Islamic state.

In addition, the country suffers from numerous attacks of NDA. Because of armed attacks to objects of oil infrastructure, many oil companies have reduced production in the country approximately by 90 thousand barrels\days. Nigeria is famous for the fact that people living below the poverty line, regularly make attacks to oil objects of the foreign companies. More than 200 crimes, as a part of which oil plunder appears only in 2014, have been recorded in Nigeria.

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Predictions of prophet about this theme are the following:

‘This year Nigeria will suffer more disasters connected with terrorism. But God will rescue his children. I see Explosions. Acts of terrorism will become frequent in Nigeria, but the solution of this problem will come to the state in the 7th – 8th month in a year. Armed forces of Nigeria and employees of police have to pray for the wellbeing as they are expected by serious shocks this year’.

Prophecies about Nigeria entertainment industry

On politics

Policy in Nigeria also endures serious revolutions. For the last year, a great number of politicians have been condemned for corruption and political crimes. Many of them have left their positions. Also new elections took place there. These are the prophecies about Nigeria and changes in its politic life, according to Pastor Okafor’s words:

 ‘We have to pray for the River state and the state of Akwa-Ibom. In these states one more elections, which will lead to the huge pressure upon the people and bloodsheds will be held. Everyone who will sponsor this bloodshed and his or her family is expected by big losses and sad end. Any person who wants to keep the power this year has to serve God honestly and pray to him. Nigeria has to pray for the former military head of the state. I see that the former minister will leave this year and also the current minister will leave his post too. We have to pray for state of Kogi and for that so there was no bloody revolution and changes of the law in it. I see that someone will be eliminated from the position’.

Prophecies about Nigeria

On Nigerian families

‘As for Nigerian families, many of them will experience blessing of God this year. Infertile women can rejoice this year and expect replenishment because God can provide them safe pregnancy and childbirth.’

On health

Concerning health, the pastor has reported sad news. On his predictions, Nigeria is expected by serious disease, which is transmitted sexually. He has reported that this illness is worse than AIDS, and Nigerians have to pray that the terrible fate passed them.

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Prophecies about Nigeria entertainment industry

For the last months many Nigerian stars died, for example, the famous musician of the African origin Prince. On July 6, famous Nigerian actress Bukky Ajayi who has made a huge contribution to the entertaining industry of the country also died. Here that the pastor thinks in this respect:

‘Some famous people have been marked out by circles on a calendar. It means that they are expected by death. We have to pray for show business. However, Nigerian soccer is expected by good news. He will return again in days of glory.’

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