What are the pros and cons of making selfies?

Inspired by doing selfies? Can’t live without camera and selfie stick? Read the article and get to know more about the advantages and disadvantages of making selfies.


Enjoy doing selfie? How many photos do you have? Or do you have no idea about what it is really interesting and you aren’t interested in it at all? Try to understand what the selfie is, and what are the advantages and what are the minuses. But first, we shall understand - what it is, and why it has become such a popular activity.

In general, word "selfie" means a self-portrait - picture of yourself. These pictures are usually made with the help of a phone or a tablet, it is convenient and not difficult, but with the latest achievement it is even better – selfie stick for group shots make this process even easier and desirable. By the way, Instagram, the popular social network for photos, has welcomed more than three hundred million pictures with the hash tag "selfie".


What is so special about these pictures? Why so many pictures of a completely diverse character appear with the usage of selfie stick, every day social networks are filled with thousands of such photos.

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And now let’s talk about the advantages of such photo-sessions - they are still there:

• The development of the creative potential of the "photographer";

• When sending photos in the "Network", you can forget about any kind of prohibitions, limits and chat with friends from different countries in real time;

• The chance to increase the useful and pleasant acquaintances, make new friends;

• You do not need anyone to ask you to take photos - you can do it at any desired time for you and any number of times, roughly speaking, until you get bored.


But there are, of course, disadvantages, and they are quite serious:

• You can after some time even to find the most authentic selfie addiction - this is the so-called psychological dependence and a constant desire to take pictures of yourself. No matter where, no matter how - anywhere and everywhere. And it really turns into a mania. The man does everything, with the camera, or more precisely with the camera in his mobile phone in his hand;

• You stop real-life communication and replace it with a virtual - so what, it's easier – downloading a photo of the restaurant in the "network", that's the answer to the question "where are you and why are you busy";

• Fear of losing your personal selfie archive and fear of, respectively, the invasion into personal space. Well, you imagine the loss of a smartphone, where there are plenty of photos of a different type, including intimate - a real Klondike of personal life and hobbies;

• Well, a very serious disadvantage of selfie-addicted, that is, those who are crazy about selfie photography - it's just a disaster for professional photographers and real experts. Why? Because they are everywhere! No one event can’t be held easily, as these comrades climb everywhere with cameras and selfie sticks, blocking by themselves and their aggregates all event objects to photograph.

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