What are the traits of a real sociopath?

Have you ever thought that you may be surrounded by a sociopath? No? Then read the article to get to know their traits and characteristics so as to be on alert dealing with such type of people.

Who is he?

He has no conscience, he is lying and does not blush, he did not blush, except that of the wine, but never - from guilt. Do you know this man? Congratulations. While, however, there is nothing: most likely, you had a chance to get acquainted with a sociopath, and it is too late - run away from him. Communicate with him you do not like.

 Sociopath - antisocial personality disorder, which can suffer anyone: your neighbor, boss, girlfriend, husband, child, the district and the list goes on. The disorder is not innate, if you need to be born a psychopath, then sociopathy - a consequence of an injury to a child, perhaps even violence, physical or emotional.

 "To suffer" - is not quite the right word: sociopaths aren't affected by their disorder. But others do.


 Cold, ominously attractive, do not know the doubts and remorse, have no fear, and ready to take risks, these people are dangerous for the surrounding people. But understanding it is quite difficult: sociopaths are so charming that they easily fall in love, it is easy to see the teacher or guru in them?

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And only when your life will be destroyed, or at least turned upside down, you will start to look around and ask yourself what it was.

The biggest problem with a sociopath is that it is difficult to recognize him.

What are the traits?

They are excellent actors: not every psychiatrist will be able to distinguish him for the first time, that in front of him is a sociopath. What to say about common people.

The easiest way to confuse a sociopath with a narcissist - charming narcissistic idiot who endlessly flaunts in front of the mirror and makes selfie (according to research conducted in 2015 by Ohio State University, men who often make selfie and share them in social networks, are prone to narcissism).

But wait. Sociopath is not an idiot.

 In 2005, American psychologist March Stout wrote a book, which became classic - «The Sociopath Next Door». In it we can read how high are our chances of suffering from sociopathic actions.

Sociopaths often become criminals - but more often the lack of conscience males them be powerful.

 So they start to rule other people's lives as it is convenient for them. You do not even need to declare yourself a guru.

 9 signs that you are in the power of a sociopath

Sociopath or psychopath?

 1. They are charming

 Sociopaths have a special attraction - and the people in need of some guardians like to be around such a strong and powerful man. In addition, sociopaths are often sexually attractive.

 2. They are unpredictable

 And that makes it different from their psychopathic comrades. Both of them do not feel the emotions.

But if a psychopath is coolly inclined to build and implement his plans, then the sociopath is capable of spontaneous, unexplained, often risky behavior.

 He can break the rules and go beyond the usual behavior.

 3. He does not feel shame, regret or guilt

There is no point in taking offence for such behavior, they just have such composition, that these feelings are unknown to them. Because of this, alas, they shamelessly betray, lie, intrigue, threaten - in short, try to harm other people in every possible way.

 They act solely in their own interests - and thus often succeed in business and politics.

 4. They like to brag

 Or to exaggerate the importance of their achievements or uniqueness of the experience. Telling the story of his life, sociopath dramatizes events, embellishing and inventing colorful details - but it sounds very convincing.

 5. They must win at all costs 

With such a man it is better not to compete at all: in any situation, it is necessary for him to prevail, and he will not disdain any means. This is a desperate debater who always wins, and if he is caught in a lie, he will fight up to the end, but would not be revealed.

Characteristics? What are?

 6. They are very clever

Great intelligence is a rare thing, and therefore particularly disappointing is that sociopaths are using their intellectual abilities in order to cheat and manipulate others.

 7. They can't love

 Sociopath is not able to feel love. He can simulate it: he knows the right words and movement - so you do not even realize that, in fact, he is completely cold. But in fact he does not know what is love or sympathy.

 8. They never apologize

 And no wonder, because we have realized that he does not feel guilt. So what for these empty words, some kind of an apology? For what?

 Try to directly and convincingly accuse him of anything, citing evidence and examples. In response, he will attack you with accusations, saying that you specifically want to blacken his reputation.

 9. They often present themselves as knights with high moral principles

 In fact, he may be a fraud or even a thief, but in words he is always that desperately fighting for the truth.

 At the workplace sociopaths often provoke conflicts between people, and declare themselves as saviours, ready to keep the company from decay and ruin.

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