What facts about toys we had no idea about?

The World around us is very surprising. Sometimes we do not think that in everything that surrounds us there are some things that are supposed to be unique. And so, there is a lot of interesting facts about toys.


How many details Lego company released, about the history of board games such as Monopoly, what are the most expensive toys in the world, the first discovery of toy soldiers in the pyramids of the pharaohs, the importance of rubber ducks in the study of ocean flows, as well as many other things. And now you are going to read more information about discoveries in the world of toys.

Amazing facts about toys were revealed while searching for the information about Lego blocks - the statistical department of the company has made some stunning conclusions - as Lego has released about 320 billion toy bricks - if all the blocks divided among all the people on the planet, everyone will receive 52 items. Or, for example, the Lego Company today released more than 400 million units, which is two times more than the own production of tire giants such as Bridgestone, the Michelin and Goodyear.


Using only 6 Lego pieces you can make more than 120 million combinations, it sounds very impressive, doesn’t it, try at your leisure and be sure to share in the comments to the article.

The history of the board game "Monopoly" is also amazing. The game, as the name implies, was created in the period of the global crisis on the Earth in 1932. At that time already unemployed Barrow Charles has invented the game and made himself a millionaire. The most incredible record for the duration of the game "Monopoly" was staged in 1983 by members of the diving club Buffalo, who played a board game about 1080 hours or 45 days.


Anyone who has a child is aware of this remarkable series of models such as Hot Wheels. The most expensive machine in the series was the Volkswagen Beach Bomb, 1969, pink vehicle model went under the hammer at the auction for 72 thousand dollars. We can only guess at the cost of huge collections of Hot Wheels, at the most conservative estimate worthy collection may be worth a million dollars, maybe more.

The history of the construction kits is also interesting, because the first constructor has been created by Frank Hornby in 1898 for his sons. The constructor was metal. As you can remember from your childhood - the metal plate that holds the bolts and nuts and it was possible to build something like a car, and if to speak about Frank, in those times there was a possibility to build only a loading crane.

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Even during archaeological excavations, miniature figurines of soldiers have been found in the pyramids of the pharaohs in ancient Egypt. Speaking about excavations in Ancient Greece and Rome, there were found soldiers from bronze, wood and other materials. Soldiers, as you have already guessed, were used in the simulation of combat operations.


There is a very interesting story about a yellow rubber duck, which is can be found in the bathroom of any kid. It turns out that in 1992 during the transfer from Hong Kong to the United States across the Pacific Ocean the box with toys (yellow rubber ducklings) fell overboard because of the hurricane and the fall damaged the box with the toys and they blurred around the world - they have been found near the coasts of Canada, Alaska and other places. Scientists tracked the distribution of the toys, enabling a more detailed study of the streams in the ocean.

The appearance of the beloved «Teddy Bear». In 1902, US President Theodore Roosevelt during the hunting pursued a black bear. He was invited to shoot the bear, which was tracked down into a corner and bitten by dogs with gunshot wounds. Roosevelt felt sorry for the bear and refused to do this, but he ordered to kill the bear without pain. After this, Washington Post published different Comics on this topic, which later became a symbol for the appearance of the famous soft toy «Teddy Bear».

Everyone's favorite Yo-Yo toy is considered to be the second oldest in the world (the first is a doll). The first evidence of the use of Yo-Yo – a toy, which consists of two discs, bonded with the axis, on which the rope is worn, appeared in ancient Greece in 500. BC. In the 16th century Yo-Yo served as a weapon in the Philippine Islands.


Rubik's Cube was created as an engineering project. This Cube has 43 252 003 274 489 856 000 combinations and only one solution.

Famous nested dolls appeared in Russia only at the end of the 19th century. It is believed that they are the prototype of Japanese god’s idols. Russian sculptors just changed the shape into rounded and, of course, colors for those, which were typical at that time.

And of course, we would like to tell about the most famous doll in the world - Barbie. Did you know that the official birthday doll is 9 March 1959, since that time there have been produced about 351,000 models, which have more than 100 professionals, 45 nationalities, more than 1,000 a variety of outfits and 15 modifications of their appearance - pregnant, plump, in a wheelchair etc. The doll is named after the daughter of Ruth Handler, who has founded the brand Barbie and Ken in honor of her son. The full name of Barbie - Barbara Millicent Roberts.

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