What hair to use for faux locs?

You are about to change your appearance a bit and are going to buy faux locs and what to know what are they made from? Read the article and find an answer to your question.

How do you like faux locs?

A woman of any age retains her natural charm, until the desire for novelty and external reincarnation overfills her. The impressive hairstyle is an important component of an attractive female appearance, which primarily draws the attention of others. But, unfortunately, it is not always possible to keep it in perfect condition, and frequent visits to the stylist take time, which is often lacking. What to do if because of the frequent change of the colour and structure of the hair loses its natural shine and elasticity? In this case, the aid will come with wigs, hairpieces, faux locs - artificial or natural.

Wigs and hairpieces – “removable” devices, which are used to hide the baldness or in order to simply change your style. Wig, as a rule - it is a whole hairstyle, and today, you can choose any of them to your taste and colour from a short hairstyle to long luxurious hair. Surface hairpieces, in turn, generally simulate high tail, which is attached to the basic hair by means of pins or ridges.

Another way to change your hairstyle at the time - is faux locs. Such locs are mounted on special barrette to the "native" hair, giving it a thickness, volume, and even extending them to diversify the color (if color overhead strands are used). In special stores choice of overhead strands of today is quite large, so there is no difficulty to choose the right product.

Such strands are made from both synthetic and natural hair. Natural strands have several advantages: they can be dyed, curled, washed, and they have a look of more alive than artificial. Rim locks are good because they give the opportunity to experiment with the look without any consequences: in the evening they can be used to show off the bright and colourful mop of thick hair, and the next day you can go back to the old strict classic hairstyle.

Hair (raw materials), are always multi-layered with special chemical treatment. The most supreme level of quality is considered to be the fact that the hair cuticles are smooth, healthy looking and shine. When hair cuticle is chemically treated, it breaks down if not restored, the hair in addition to the fact that will look not good, also will be confused while combing and eventually acquire the kind of "sponges".


Therefore, for improvement, after the destruction of the cuticle, hair is coated with a flint or silicone. This layer is washed off after each washing. And overhead hair loses its former appearance, is confused and broken.

Asian hair

Collected, typically in China, Korea, the natural hair is very different from the European. Asian hair is much thicker, stiff and straight, and very dark. To make it softer, silky, painted in new colors, producers have to work hard. Hair undergo several stages of a serious chemical processing, and then by their own hair is only the foundation, almost devoid of cuticle. For brightening Asian hair are treated with silicone, which is washed off after 4-5 washing and hair loses shine, flexibility and break down. Yes, false hair of this type is much cheaper. But after a month of the application you will almost certainly be disappointed.

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Hair of the European type

European hair means not only the hair which came from Europe, it also means that the structure of the hair matches the European hair type. European hair is considered to be of better quality than Asian, as softer and easier to give the desired shades. Also, the processed chemical composition maintains the integrity of the cuticle, to a greater or lesser extent.

Finally, the Slavic type overhead hair is considered the highest quality, and with serious reasons. This hair is collected according to all applicable regulations, they have been sanitized, but due to its structure Slavic hair is exposed to minimal chemical processing, while maintaining the natural elasticity and shine. In addition, the Slavic type is easy to color, even in the brightest colors. Slavic hair of category Lux is a refinement, aerobatics for fashionistas. It is soft, fine hair, never exposed to "chemistry", only to the desired color shade.

The basis for the non-natural locks is synthetic fibers of varying quality. Therefore, when choosing an alternative it is important to know the composition of synthetic hair, on which depends not only aesthetic point, but also the durability of the image produced.

Red faux locs

The most high-quality, reliable and durable are considered locks from kanekalon - organic fiber, which is based on specially processed seaweed. The structure of the synthetic hair from kanekalon has all the external qualities of natural hair: brilliance and elasticity, allowing curls to look very realistic.

Wigs made from synthetic fibers, are considered less qualitative. Acrylic, vinyl or nylon, forming the basis of synthetic hair, are less durable. In addition, synthetic hair has pronounced artificial gloss and stiffness, due to which they quickly go awry and whipped.

Ease of synthetic fibres determines the main advantage of non-natural locks. And it's not only easy when you are using the hair, such locks are also easier to care for, unlike their natural counterparts. Artificial hair perfectly retains the shape and color of the hair, without fear of dampness and cold. For this reason, they can be safely worn in chilly autumn weather, or even during a small snowfall. Fast hairstyle change is also applied to the undoubted benefits of artificial curls, as compared to their natural counterparts, synthetic locks are much cheaper.

Very tasty)

The disadvantages of synthetic hair include their property to restrict the freedom of creativity when you change the finished hairstyle. Artificial fibers are not recommended to expose to chemical perms, colouring or haircut, so such hair is selected as a finished product. Despite its resistance to moisture and low temperatures, artificial hair may be damaged when worn in extreme cold, so winter is not the best time for them.

Gentle treatment of products from non-natural hair includes the washing and drying rules. It is recommended to only use special detergents shampoos, balms and rinse styling gels, which can be purchased together with locks in a special store.

Anyway, artificial faux locks are the best method for those women who are eager to change their appearance but are not ready for drastic changes.

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