What Have You Contributed To Life?!


We, as humans, demand so much out of life. We want good government, nice houses, fine cars, wealth, good kids, cleaner and sustainable environment, etc. The list is endless, depending on each person's priority.

May be now is the time to pause and ponder. What has been your contribution to life? What has been your contribution to living and humanity. You do not need to have a nobel prize for life to feel your impact. You do not need to be a Rockefeller for you to have made a significant contribution to existence. For i tell you one thing, brothers and sisters, we all in our various ways, with our little, small and big acts, make life tick. We constitute humanity and make history in our various ways.

So, let's start having your comments. I say, once again, what have you contributed to life?! It is not just enough to demand so much of living. What have you returned back to it?

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