What is the meaning of life?

If you know the meaning of life, you can discover you place and purpose in it. Learn how to do it.

The meaning of life is unique for every person, because there are no universal solutions. You are the person with a mission and your mission is to give your life meaning. It will remain meaningless until you step up into the position and create that purpose in life.

what is the meaning of life

Now, you do not usually ask about it, when you are contented. It’s the bad times, the time we suffer that bring it up. Scientists study the subject; try to measure people’s happiness or what they call the “satisfaction level. Experts do their best to comprehend what the sense of life is. Still the remain powerless to do anything when this cry comes out of someone’s heart with pain and tears. So, what is the meaning of life? Not just of happiness and sunshine moments of it, but the whole thing with afflictions, and sorrow and death?

There is hardly a chance to find an answer to make each and every one of us to say “yeah” to that. And reasons it is so, because each life is unique and different. Each life was given by God to find its own meaning, calling and purpose. Sense of life is not found, but rather it is brought about and created. For some people their struggles define the meaning (getting food or water).

Seriously, God is not in search of sense in life. He is the supplier of life and of its meaning. We are made in His image. We have been give life, but we are the ones who create its meaning. And, there is easy and one fits all way to do it.

So, how do you find a meaning in life? What is the genuine meaning of life? There are things you can do to get the answers.  Let’s build our philosophy of life to discover or create its meaning.

- Know yourself

 Know yourself

You know, some people go to the outskirts of the planet to find purpose. Some people travel to India trying to discover some ancient wisdom. Others look for gurus or lifehacks. The Bible tells us not to look far and wide. 1 Timothy 4:16 Tells us to “take heed” or to “look well” at yourself and the teaching.

The origin is in you. There is no one more important in your life than you. Yes, it may sound egoistical, it’s not. You can lose everybody else and still survive, but you cannot survive if you lose yourself.

So, the journey of meaning hunt initiates by you. You are the greatest guru you can ever find. You cannot find the sense of YOUR life in somebody else. We are to assist each other, but not to do it in one’s stead. God has made you in a unique fashion. There is no one, not a person, who could have replaced you in the universe. Get ready. This journey could be painful. Looking deep inside can be harder than climbing a mountain.

The end of this voyage is to meet that unique personality – YOU and accept it with everything great and not so great about it. This way you can find YOUR sense of life; all the other implications would be fake.

- Know your God

Know your God

You know, what is interesting God never clearly defined in the Bible what the meaning of life is. There is no short reply to a question what is the biblical meaning of life. There is no chapter that tells us: life is about this or that. Why did not He tell us?

He has given us free will.  Yes, He set up the guidelines for the game; He gave us the instructions and guidance. But He has left the meaning for you to uncover it. And huge part of this discovery lies in knowing your God.

Unless you get acquainted with Him, you cannot truly know yourself. Remember, you are His image and likeness? How do you get up with God? It’s much more than just praying, reading Bible and church going.

Knowing God comes from personal involvement with Him and of Him. You meet Him, you talk to Him and He talks to you. You experience Him. The Bible tells us to “taste and see how good is the Lord”. There is no use telling someone what a banana is like, unless they savor it for themselves.

God is intelligible. He desires to make Himself known to people. And it is your choice whether to get on that journey or not.

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- Pay attention

Pay attention

Things don’t just happen in our lives. They either come into it for a reason, or results from some roots from the past. Events or people in your life are the milestones. They can come from two sources or with two different purposes: to build you up or to destroy you.

Knowing the difference is crucial. Some things just do not fit in with us, while others fit us perfectly. People for years may reject who they are and what belongs to them. If you are not careful enough and let alien things into your life (they may be quite native to other people), you may not have the chance to know what is the true meaning of life. The rule is: things that belong tend to come together. It is no use to try and fit together things that don’t belong.

- Use your talents

Use your talents

God has not left us unarmed in the quest. He has armed us with the abilities and endowments. It is important what you do with them. After all, the meaning of life can be to become yourself and to develop your gifts to the fullest.

Let me give you an illustration.  You might have heard of Grandmother Moses (if you are in for arts). This lady was born back in 1860. All her life she spent in the country, milked cows, made chips, tilted the land, cared for her family. From her very childhood she was drawn to painting and art. However, she never had much chance to do it. She used to paint on her house walls to decorate it.

When she turned 78, she has made her first painting on a piece of cardboard. She loved it and she kept drawing. Her first paintings were sold 3 dollars a piece. However, once you start living in agreement with your talents and inclinations, miracles start taking place.

A famous art collector stopped by the local pharmacy to get a pint and saw her paintings. He bought them all. In a year she had her first exhibition and woke up famous. Presently one of her arts was sold for over a million dollars. She lived till 101. She kept on drawing like crazy. She got on TV shows, in magazines, everywhere.

It might seem a little late to start the life all over in your 70ss. But it is never too late. You are alive, this means you still have what it takes to get your talents out, dust them a bit and go for it.

- Invest in people

 Invest in people

There are so many people today who invest in things. Jesus warned us against such an approach to life. Things pass away, but people remain whether in this world or in the eternity.

Others can give us a hand in the process. Proverbs 27:17 tells us “Iron sharpeneth iron; So a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend.”

Find good friends in life. Make your kids, your husband, your parents your best investments in life. They really matter. They are like those jewels placed by God on your path. You can make them more precious or devaluate them. It works both ways. Look for significant connections in your life. They can help you find its meaning.

- Do what’s right

Do what’s right

Finding the path, do not hope to make the progress easily. Life can be complex. Folks may not always approve you. They may stand against you. Life may set barriers on your way.

What do you do, when it gets tough? Do what’s right. Act right in the eyes of God and do what falls in accord with you. You know, there are the absolute things, right for everyone (not to lie or not to murder), and there are the variables. Matrimony is good, but it is not right for everyone.

Being rich is good, but sometimes your inner riches cannot be even measured with money. There are things that good for you, even if they are not good for others. You need to learn to know yourself and trust yourself to discern them.

And, sometimes doing what is right goes against the happiness. It can be hard, but nonetheless sticking with the right thing can uncover your meaning of life. You know, treasures are rarely found on the beaten paths. So find your own path in life, even if it means falling down…

- Make slip-ups

Make slip-ups

It’s an inevitable part of life. You know that successful people make more mistakes than lazy ones make attempts. You know Thomas Edison. It took him over 1000 fiascos to make a working bulb. Every time he made a mistake he said: I am one day closer to finding the right thing.

Mistakes are the part of life. They cannot be avoided. One of the bitterest disappointments in life is about making mistakes of others. It may seem safer to take the trodden path and do what others tell you to do. Soon you apprehend that they have given the wrong advice and you did it. Now you are remunerating for their faults instead of making your own. And who knows, after all you might have done it right.  

If  you have more question on what is the meaning of life, you may listen to Laynla Vanzant a public speaker and psychologist who worked with Oprah Winfrey. After all, it’s up to you to see the answer and make the best with what you get. Stop expecting for someone to come and reveal it to you. Get busy and create the sense in your life with God’s assistance. 


What is the meaning of life? On this question answer is also difficult, as to the question "What is happiness". Some psychologists say that if people thought about the meaning of life, then it is "diagnosis", it is a signal that "human Affairs are not going very well". Meanwhile, the man exactly differs from an animal that doesn't want to live solely to satisfy their physiological needs. Thus, I (like any believer) can see the sense of his life in self-improvement. Our earthly life can be compared with an educational institution (school or University) where everyone needs to learn and improve their knowledge and skills. We must learn to truly love, to see and to do good (by the way, that the meaning of life consists in good deeds, there were many great people.

Answered 1 year ago.

Everybody has his own sence of life, his life purposes. Some people clearly and completely understand what they want from their life, what they want to gain and want to do. They do everything to reach their purposes, and succesfully go over problems on their way. But there are not so mush such people. Most of us just do things which are expected from them, but they dont feel any happiness or satisfactionn from their life. They just do what they think they have to, and feel upset. This are helpful tips, because everyone deserves to be happy and to live in such a way which he want.

Answered 1 year ago.
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