What is the process of eyebrows tattoo removal?

During the applying of permanent make-up, the fine-grained pigment is injected under the skin, finely highlighting contours of beautiful eyebrows, as well as masking the existing cosmetic downsides.

eyebrows tattoo removal

The number of people who resort to tattoo make-up is increasing every year. The main reason of that is the fact that this type of make-up in the hands of a professional cosmetologist looks naturally, and the pigment stays on from 1 to 10 years.

But the result not always lives up to our expectations and permanent make-up removal is not such a simple matter. We need to know not only the features of correction pigmented areas but also to choose a suitable method of disposal.

On what the choice of disposal method depends on?

If you are not satisfied with the result, you should not rush and immediately resort to the complete removal of makeup residue. There are some variants which can help you to correct the situation, simply by modifying the shape or slightly changing the paint color. Well, if you are tired of make-up, or it lost its attraction or went out of fashion, then you should learn more about what methods can help to get rid of it once and for all.

The time when tattoos were excised surgically is gradually fading into the past. Today basically two methods are used:

  • Removal by laser.
  • Removal by means of chemical reagents.
  • Each of these techniques has its pros and cons. The main criteria in the selection process are the following factors:
  • Nature and the quality of the dye.
  • The depth of penetration of the pigment into the dermal layers.
  • The quality of the equipment used for applying the dye.
  • The level of the master.
  • Individual features of the skin and the organism of each patient.
  • eyebrows tattoo removal

It should also be mentioned that any method will require patience from the patient, as the process of removing of the lips or eyebrows takes time. The patient will have to visit cosmetologist more than once.

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Laser removal of permanent eyebrows tattoo is the most effective and widely used method. Its advantages are obvious because the laser beam passes easily through the skin layers to a depth of 4-5 mm while leaving intact tissue.

The technique of laser removal of permanent makeup has its drawbacks - the radiation does not affect the warm shades of the dye (red, yellow), but well destroys the cool colors of the spectrum (black, green, blue). In addition, some warm shades after laser treatment can change the color to a darker one.

The effect of the laser treatment can be seen already in the first session: some tracks disappear immediately.

Removing a tattoo make-up by means of chemicals.

The basis of this process is a biochemical reaction in which there is no disruption (crushing) of colorant capsules, and they are removed from the body unchanged.

eyebrows tattoo removal

This method also has its advantages and disadvantages. The undoubted advantages of the following items are:

  • Deleting all pigment colors (99.9%).
  • Safety and no allergic reactions.
  • The simplicity and efficiency of the method.
  • Inexpensive cost and a small number of sessions.

The minus is a long healing process - 3-6 months. Possible complications (scars) arise if you are trying to remove a beautician paint marks on a large area or deeply located pigments for 1 session.

If we talk about other ways to correct a tattoo make-up, you may need them if you do not need to remove it completely. Correction can be carried out using the following procedures:

  1. Color Correction;
  2. Contour Correction;
  3. Camouflage.


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