What is the smallest state of Australia?

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Tasmania is the smallest state of Australia with a population of 473 thousand persons, occupies the eponymous island, which is separated from the mainland by the Strait Baskovym.

The area of Tasmania, including Flinders island, king, Cape barren and other is about 68 thousand sq km is less than 1% of the total area of Australia. 9,000 years ago the island was connected to the mainland and geologically is a continuation of the Great Dividing range. Most of Tasmania occupies a low plateau, framed by a chain of mountain peaks. The island is crossed by many rapid streams, which are used to produce power. Central, Eastern and Northern Tasmania is cropland, meadows and vineyards. In the Western, less developed in economic terms, the areas covered vast areas of rain forest, dominated by trees typical of the Australian species, among which eucalyptus blue — a symbol of the island. The long isolation of Tasmania led to the emergence of unusual species of animals not found anywhere else on Earth — the Tasmanian devil, ground parrot and the Tasmanian wolf, or thylacine. Forestry and mining industries play an important role in the economy of Tasmania, but the state authorities strive to preserve the natural landscape.

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