What is the the richest country in the world?

Did you want to get to know about what the country of the world is the most thriving? Read the article and find the answer for the question.


Forbes named the richest countries in the world. The magazine made a rating based on per capita income, adjusted for purchasing power parity.

As it turned out, the best if living of citizens of Qatar. A small country in the Persian Gulf with a population of more than 1.5 million people got rich thanks to large reserves of oil and gas. The average rate of per capita income here is 88.000 dollars.

Qatar has risen significantly since 2010, mainly due to high prices of hydrocarbon to the world market. In order to diversify its economy and dependence on exports of raw oil Qatar allocates significant funds for infrastructure development of the country, attracting to the economy a huge foreign investment.

The bases of the economy are oil and gas. For its gas reserves, Qatar takes the third place in the world.


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Earnings from oil exports allowed the government to build large plants for purification of sea water from salt. In the production of fresh water per capita country out one of the best in the world.

Thousands of foreigners are getting work in Qatar. All this led to the ethnic diversity of the country. Currently, 40% of the population Arabs, 18% Pakistanis, 18% Indians, 10% Iranians, 14% is from other countries.

The discovery of large oil fields in the late 30's XX century radically changed the entire structure of traditional Arabian society. This affected both Bedouin and sedentary inhabitants of the "outback". At the end of the XX century,the urban population in 1990 was almost 90%.

So majestic

The reasons for this success are deposits of oil and gas, which provide 50% of GDP and 70% of the revenue of the state budget. Today the government of Qatar has focused on how to increase private and foreign investment in other sectors, except energy. For example, for agricultural products industry country can provide only 10% of the needed.

The richest

So, you can see that Qatar really deserves its place in this list as it is thriving now and is going to continue its development in future.

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