What male qualities drive women crazy?

We can distinguish basic things on which women pay attention while looking for a man. But the only one is really important!


So, they are:

  • appearance, including beauty and growth;
  • financial means;
  • fame;
  • the "core" (leadership, influence, the ability to provide security);
  • special status (hard-to-married, elite, etc.);
  • personality (character, intelligence, humor, creativity, romance, etc.).

Obviously, the first five are difficult to obtain rapid and to control. If you are short and not well known, it is unlikely that you will grow up and be famous next week. If you're not rich, it is unlikely to get several millions in the coming days.

And so, there is only the sixth thing - identity.


Guys, who are popular among girls, know that it is the identity - is the most important quality for success in relationships with women. Fortunately, this thing you can change. And it can surpass all the others put together. Having done everything to look good as much as possible, it's time to address the development of an attractive personality. It's the most powerful men’s weapon.

And now let’s discuss in details the qualities drive women crazy.

Humor. Perhaps it is one of the most powerful tools. How to develop a sense of humor will be covered in a separate article.

Fun and enthusiasm. Women do not like grumblers and nerds. There are men who are angry when a woman has fun. They speak negatively about the things that bring her joy. And it is a terrible mistake. On the contrary, enthusiasm is infectious and attractive.

Intelligence and education. Many women find intelligent men sexy, of course, if they demonstrate their mind in a right way. As an example, we can recall of Tony Stark from "Iron Man" performed by Robert Downey, Jr., and Dr. House (Hugh Laurie).


Creativity. Creative, unexpected and interesting ideas, the incarnation of fantasies may surprise and enchant the girl.

Politeness. Can you shake hands with the lady? Have you a beautiful literate speech? Stylishly dressed? Versed in modern fashion? Listen to classical music? Women notice this, and if you keep the brand, they do not remain indifferent.

Attention. But it should not be too much or too obvious. You can spend hours listening to her complaints and stories, but it is much more efficient to attend a hint: "This morning I was thinking about you. And I want to say that I like your voice. "

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Mindfulness. This is not the same as that attention. You should be able to notice details, shades of her moods, desires and preferences.

Dominance. Appetence to such men is incorporated in the subconscious. You should be a leader of the pack, as a lion in the pride.

Predictability and unpredictability. And here is the paradox. Girls are attracted to guys whose actions they can’t predict and control. They like men who flirt with them today, and tomorrow will not call. Things are different when it comes to the search for the husband. In this case, a woman would prefer a very predictable man.


Adventurism. Men who commit extreme, risky, dangerous and other unusual things seem to be particularly attractive to women. Such men's lives - it's an adventure, full of interesting events and vivid memories.

Commitment and perseverance. A man should know what he wants, and to achieve this. But persience does not turn into fanaticism and aggression leading to violence. It should be a healthy passion and aggressiveness in order to achieve the intended purpose.

Confidence and boldness. Women like men who behave confidently, with a slight arrogance and insolence. It is important not to go too far. There must be a sense of proportion. You should not start to be rude or to show that you're better than she is.

Indifference and challenge. The beautiful woman is, the more attention she gets from men. Showing your interest to a woman, you will automatically find yourself in this unfortunate herd of admirers. If a woman is treated almost indifferent, especially speaking about sexual relations, then she will start herself to seek your attention. Man, who is not amenable to the charms of a girl - is a challenge for her.

Romantic. Notice how the main character of the film "Don Juan DeMarco" performed by Johnny Depp imagines the world. He does not look at the appearance of women, but at her inner essence, in her soul. Romantic men are able to fill emotionally even ordinary things. Their forte is a touching and charming stories, poetic comments, beautiful words and deeds.


Understanding body language. Much more about their desires can be understood through the system of gestures than simple words. They constantly send non-verbal signals, which are very important to capture and interpret correctly.

Of course, it's not necessary to develop all of these qualities. It is necessary to choose what best suits you. Especially because some of them complement each other well, and some - are incompatible.

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