What's the meaning of boo?

Are you interested in learning some new meaning of the small word “boo”? Read the article and get to know all the meanings of this word.

meaning of boo

Such small, tiny word is really impressing because it has really many, absolutely different values. It helps to express emotions, to denote some event and to designate different concepts.

First of all, this word can be used for groaning, when you are angry about actions or saying of another person, or you want someone to shut up. It is also an exclamation of reflexion.

Also, “boo” is used when you are going to scare and frighten someone, for example, if you are creeping up on someone.

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In American English, you can use the word to denote marijuana. But it sounds quite unusual.

 boo who it is?

If to speak about Nigerian slang, this speech unit may denominate “girl”, “girlfriend”, boyfriend”, “beloved one”. The person whom you consider to be attractive and beautiful. Actually, it is a shortening of the French word, denoting someone beautiful.

The most important what you should remember is that everything concerning the word`s denotion depends on the context.

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