what the different between Advise and Advice

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Advise and advice are the different word classes in English.

Advise ([ədˈvaɪz]) is a regular verb.

For example:

My mother advises me to study hard.

His doctor advised him against smoking.

Advice ([ədˈvaɪs]) is an uncountable noun.

For example:

My mother gave me a lot of advice.

To use “advice” in a countable way we should use the phrase “a piece of advice”:

I need a piece of advice.

There is wrong usage of “advice”:

Your advices didn’t work. (Correct: Your advice didn’t work.)

I heard some helpful advices from my wife. (Correct: I heard some helpful advice from my wife.)

Give me an advice. (Correct: Give me a piece of advice.)

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