Whats The Worst Thing A Friend Has Done To You?

Let me go first.Cant really say i have horrible experiences as i tend to always look at people's good sides as opposed to the bad.Generally i have never been a cliquey BFF till i die kind of person.I have always been an inbetweener.When i was uni some of my friends called me their best friend but to me they were just good friends.Guess cos its cos i understand that we are human and are all fallible so i dont place unnecesssary pressure on another person to be perfect.I had friends that were so called bubblers(i wonder if that term is still correct) to the outright geeks.The day one girl in my class saw me in the Library the shock on her face was so funny cos she prob thought i did not know where the library was.I personally cant say a friend has done something so awful to me.Maybe the ones i notice that try to compete with you at everything in a subtle way.Always trying to make you know that they are doing waaaaay better than you.But as my signature says Life is not a sprint and me am not competing with nobody.They just amuse me and i try not to hold it against them,some people are just very competitive by nature,the only way they feel validated is knowing they are doing better than someone else and thats all good.So whats the worst thing you feel a friend or as this is family section a relative has done to you?

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