where is the warmest part of the earth

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The warmest place on earth, if not the hottest, is in Iran. It Deshte-LUT. Here the temperature is breaking all records. The Iranian desert is so hot that constantly carry out temperature measurements no one. The NASA satellite during the 7-year-old research documented the indicators of thermometers. So, in mid-2000-ies deste-Lute, considered the hottest place in the world. And in 2005, the specialists made the measurements and found the highest rate of all confirmed temperatures on the planet here with 70.7 degrees above zero. Moreover, this is the desert, according to the wording uznayvse.ru boasts beautiful dunes, which reach heights of 500 meters. And here is the hottest country in the world - Qatar. Even in winter the average air temperature is 28 degrees with a plus sign.

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