Which is the fastest food to cook?

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Recipe baking in the microwave very quick chocolate cake with sour cream. This cake is called "the Moment" are baked in just 3-4 minutes. At the first stage of making the cake with a mixer beat the eggs together with sugar until smooth. Then to the resulting mixture add the required amount of cocoa and all mix thoroughly to avoid lumps.

Then to chocolate mixture add the following ingredients: flour, food starch and baking powder (for pastry), all of these products, as it should, stir to form a homogeneous mass. To the resulting thick chocolate dough pour in the oil (sunflower) and cold milk. Again all is well mixed. Now the batter for cake ready.

Pour the prepared dough in the baking dish, greased with a slice of butter and send it in a microwave oven (power max). If the installed power of 1000, then bake for about 3 minutes, and if the capacity is 800, then to 3.5 – 4 minutes.

After 3-4 minutes, Your cake baked and ready. Now make him a cake. To do this, cut the biscuit dough into two equal parts. Using a blender or mixer, blend sour cream and sugar. Formed filling the oil in the cake. Make a layer of fresh strawberries.

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