Who is best teachers for children

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There is such a parable. Parents chose for his son the best teachers. In the morning, grandfather took grandson to school. When grandfather and grandson entered the courtyard, they were surrounded by children.

- What a funny old man, ' laughed one boy.

- Hey, little fat man - made a face another.

The children screamed and jumped around grandfather and grandson. The teacher rang the bell, announcing the start of the lesson, and the children ran away. Grandpa grabbed his grandson by the hand and went outside.

Yay, I'm not going to school, happy boy.

- Will, but not in this, - angrily replied the grandfather. - I'll find you a school.

The grandfather took his grandson into his home, entrusted to his care the grandmother, and went to seek out the best teachers. Seeing some school, grandpa came into the yard and waited for the teacher let the kids go on break. In some schools, children waved at the old man's attention, others teased him. The old man silently turned and left. Finally, he entered a tiny courtyard of a small school and wearily leaned against the fence. The bell rang, and children poured into the yard.

- Grandpa, are you sick, to bring water? - he heard the voice.

- In our courtyard there is a bench, sit down, please, suggested one boy.

- Want, I'll call the teacher? - asked the other child.

Soon, the yard came a young teacher. Grandfather shook hands and said:

- Finally, I found the best school for my grandson.

You're wrong, grandpa, our school is not the best. It's small and cramped.

The old man didn't argue. He agreed on everything with the teacher and left. In the evening the boy's mother asked his grandfather:

- Father, You are illiterate. Why do You think you have found the best teachers?

- people learn the truth about the abilities of teachers after the doings of their students, - said the grandfather.

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