Who is unfair in this?

This is a Test Case Study for all.

THE HOMEA man came back from work and met his wife making love to another man on their matrimonial bed, without shouting or beating any of them he went to the sitting room, switched on the television and sat quietly listening to news.

A few minutes later, the man got dressed, came to the sitting room and said to the husband 'am sorry', but before he could say any more words, the husband said 'don't worry, stuff like this happen', and the man left, but the wife did not come out of the room.

Tired of watching the television, the husband switched off the TV, went into the room, met the wife crying, without saying a word to her or asking about the incident, he went straight to bed and slept.

By morning, the husband woke up and saw the lifeless body of the wife. She committed suicide while he was sleeping. The husband was arrested and sentenced to 20 years imprisonment for murder.

QUESTION: Who is unfair in this?

1. The Law

2.The Wife

3.The Husband

4. The Man

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