Why Are Left-handed People Few And So Unique?

left handers that i have come across are all intelligent.i had one in my secondary school as a classmate & he did very well academically.my sister is also left handed & she was the best htroughout her secondary school to the university where she read law & graduated as the best student.a coursemate of mine (girl) really interests me.she is left handed & also among the intelligent students in my dept. guess what?i am also a left hander & was the best in my secondary school & presently the best in my dept(pardon me,didn't mean to brag).i really wanna know the reason behind this.is it a supernatural stuff?or something we learn or sheer luck ?what is behind this ?i really wanna know!!!

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Einstein,Gates,Winfrey,eight presidents including Reagan,Picasso,Davinci,Aristotle,Bach,Beethoven,Mozart,Jimi Hendrix(i wasnt impressed by this until i learned he could play the guitar upside down) these are all left handed people


[b]yes left handed people rock!cos i am one!! [/b]


Left & Unique?

U'll be so shocked there is nothing like dt anymore.

I'm Sure if u looked well, u'd see some mean ones.

I'm being stingy with words 'cos I don't want 2 break d flow,


Sorry to say, but this' a ridiculous post. What do you say of those of them that are failures, unique too, or do u want to claim u haven't seen any. I am not lefthanded and I am very unique. Perhaps u are not.


Are we unique, really? I think its just cos we're fewer as compared to the right-handed.

Tho, me I love the attention, especially when am writing. Pple are always fascinated by the angle of my hand.


I don't think left handed people are that unique.During my secondary school,i know of a girl who is left-handed but extremely dull in book work.She finds it difficult to even spell her own name.I know of a boy who is also left-handed but dull still.The people that i think are few and unique are the dextrous onces(able to use both hands equally).Since i was born,i have seen only one person that can use both hands equally.I have seen more than fifty left-handed people,uncountable-right handed people and only one person able to use both equally.This is to tell you that they are few and unique unlike left handed person.


In my own opinion,left handed guys aint not more unique than any other persons who is right handed. Its just strange how a few educated pple are still fascinated by left handed,twins(not even triplet). Giving pple undeserved attention wld not get us anywhere


[size=8pt]I am left handed AND PROUD, I found nairaland website most humiliating and somewhat a bare faced cheek. Us "lefties" as you may call it all have a brain just like yourselves, and we should not be de-moralized in anyway. It is all hear say what people say about left handed people, we are just as human as you "righties". Why write a FORUM about a left handed person?? Hmmm I can think of more interesting things. I think you were absolutely bored on day and just made this site to make left handed people look like they have a disability. We can do just as much with no problems. Ok lets clear this what would you call an "ambidextrous" person? I really can’t believe that us left handed peeps have be deemed as PSYCHO'S" lol what a farce!!

It's not easy being a lefty. I'm left handed and always successful in whatever I do (even when I try to pick from my mums bag those days, I do it perfectly….lol…I’m very talented), though while I was in school, to be HONEST I was dull academically but in other aspect of my life I'm always on TOP and I give God all the Glory. Lefties are exceptional;  Why is that when we eat in public places everybody keeps staring at you? Why is that when we demonstrate with our left hand when talking attracts people? We are too much. Who would I be if I was right-handed? Not the same person. Left-handedness is part of my identity, my self. I would sooner cut off my right arm than be converted to right-handedness; as strong a statement as that is, left-handedness is so integral a part of me that I could not imagine living otherwise.

"If the left side of your brain controls the right side of your body, and the right side of your brain controls the left side of your body, then left-handed people must be the only ones in their right minds." Quoted by ~ W.C. Fields.

According to new theories, what we left-handed people (and other animals) may lack in fitness, we make up by being different, Researchers in France recently took an interest in the disproportionately high number of left-handed athletes who thrive in sports involving direct one-on-one contact, such as baseball (think Babe Ruth), tennis (think John McEnroe) and boxing (think Oscar de la Hoya or the fictional Rocky Balboa).

Charlotte Faurie and Michel Raymond of the University of Montpellier in France figured the same reason so many left-handed people are successful in such sports could also explain a possible higher success rate among lefties in primitive combat.

We are the BOMB![/size]


There is nothing special about being left handed.the difference between left and right handed people is just that;in a right handed person,the part of the brain that controls the movements of the limbs is on the right side of the brain for a right handed person and vice versa for a left handed person.

observe that in people with stroke,the side of the brain affected also affects the limbs that is the hand, leg of that side


yh thats true

dat describes me

aldoe i can be outspoken when im in ma zone, im more of a quiet person

yh im left-handed


Hi all

I was born left handed but after being "persuaded" by my mom I am now ambidextrous, this simply mean I use both hands comfortably, I think left handed people are special and have unique abilities, and certainly miss my left handed days, anyways check out this link to view more about left handed people http://news.aol.com/health/article/left-handers-more-inhibited-study-finds/238933

When you are done with that check out my blog: www.akafotos.com/blog,


definately nothin special about being lefty, its only cos of d african superstitions associated with being lefthanded. its a norm in most western countries and for every smart lefthanded human, dere are a hundred other SMART RIGHT HANDED people.

Nothin special at all, infact lots of dundees also abound in both categories. 'lol'


I find this topic interesting. I am an ambidexter, i.e. I use both hands effectively. But many times, Im proud to use my left hand in the public because it always cause stare and amusement. I write with both hands and as an architect, i also draw and do my paintings with both hands. I beleive left h anders are unique, but ambidexters are more. I actually grew up with it, really. How blessed I am


yep, another leftie reporting for duty.

Now who says left ain't cool?


you right am lefty too, we so unique ahahahah


i m both right and left handed, lol,



Lol, you are surprised by how 'normal' I am because I am a 'such a LE LE?


Left-Handed U.S. Presidents:

James A. Garfield (1831-1881) 20th

Herbert Hoover (1874-1964) 31st

Harry S. Truman (1884-1972) 33rd

Gerald Ford (1913- ) 38th

Ronald Reagan (1911 - ) 40th

George H.W. Bush (1924- ) 41st

Bill Clinton (1946- ) 42nd

Left-Handed U.S. Politicos:

Senator Bill Bradley, Rhodes scholar, basketball star

McGeorge Bundy, presidential advisor

Benjamin Franklin, statesman/publisher/scientist

Steve Forbes, businessman/publisher

Jean-Marc Froidevaux ?, Suiss politician

Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Supreme Court Justice

Senator Daniel Inouye

Anthony Kennedy, Supreme Court Justice

Brigadier Gen. Lee Hsien Loon, Deputy Prime Minister of Singapore

Robert S. McNamara, Secretary of Defense

Col. Oliver North, White House aid

H. Ross Perot, businessman

William Perry, Secretary of Defense

Nelson Rockefeller, Vice President

Senator Hugh Scott

Robert Wagner, New York mayor

Henry Wallace, Vice President

[Senator Bob Dole - switched to left due to injury]

Left-Handed Musicians

Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, composer

David Byrne (Talking Heads)

Glen Campbell

Vicki Carr

Natale Cole

Kurt Cobain (Nirvana)

Phil Collins (Genesis)

Billy Corgan (Smashing Pumpkins)

Dick Dale (guitarist)

Don Everly (The Everly Brothers)

Phil Everly (The Everly Brothers)

Bela Fleck, jazz musician

Glenn Frey (the Eagles)

Eric Gale, guitarist

Noel Gallagher (Oasis) (?)

Errol Garner, jazz pianist

Judy Garland

Crysal Gayle

Kevin Griffin, guitarist & lead singer (Better than Ezra)

Thomas Hedley, vocalist/musician

Jimi Hendrix

Isaac Hayes

Tony Iommi, guitarist (Black Sabbath)

Albert King, guitarist

Melissa Manchester

Chuck Mangione, trumpet

Martina McBride ?, country music singer

Paul McCartney (the Beatles; Wings)

Christie Marie Melonson (opera)

George Michael (Wham!)

Peter Nero, conductor

Joe Perry ? (Aerosmith)

Robert Plant (Led Zepplin)

Cole Porter, song-writer

Sergei Rachmaninoff ?, composer

Maurice Ravel ?, composer

Lou Rawls

John Lydon a.k.a. Johnny Rotten (Sex Pistols / Public Image Ltd.)

Rich Szabo, trumpeter


Ringo Starr (?) (the Beatles)

Paul Simon (Simon & Garfunkel)

Tiny Tim

Rudy Valee

Lenny White, drummer

Paul Williams, song-writer

Left-Handed Artists

Albrecht Dürer

M.C. Escher

Hans Holbein

Paul Klee


LeRoy Neiman


Leonardo da Vinci (RH paralyzed?)

Left-Handed Actors

Don Adams

Dan Aykroyd

Eddie Albert

Tim Allen

June Allyson

Harry Anderson

Amitabh Bachchan, Indian actor

Herschel Bernardi

Robert Blake

Matthew Broderick

Bruce Boxleitner

Carol Burnett

George Burns, comedian

Ruth Buzzi, comedienne

Sid Caesar, comedian

Keith Carradine

Khaled Chahrour, Egyptian actor

Charlie Chaplin

George Gobel, comedian

Chuck Conners

Hans Conreid

James Cromwell

Tom Cruise

Quinn Cummings

Daniel Davis

Bruce Davison

Matt Dillon

Marty Engles, comedian

Olivia de Havilland

Robert DeNiro

Michael Dorn

Fran Drescher, comedian

Richard Dreyfuss

W.C. Fields

Larry Fine ? (of the Three Stooges)

Peter Fonda

Greta Garbo

Terri Garr

Paul Michael Glaser

Whoopie Goldberg

Betty Grable

Cary Grant

Peter Graves

Mark Hamill

Rex Harrison

Goldie Hawn

Joey Heatherton

Tippi Hedren

Jim Henson, puppetteer

Kermit the Frog

Rock Hudson

Angelina Jolie

Shirley Jones ?

Gabe Kaplan

Danny Kaye

Diane Keaton

George Kennedy

Nicole Kidman

Lisa Kudrow

Michael Landon

Hope Lange

Joey Lawrence

Peter Lawford

Cloris Leachman

Hal Linden

Cleavon Little

Shirley MacLaine

Andrew McCarthy

Kristy McNichol

Steve McQueen

Howie Mandel, comedian

Marcel Marceau, mime

Harpo Marx

Marsha Mason

Mary Stuart Masterson

Anne Meara, comedian

Sasha Mitchell

Marilyn Monroe

Robert Morse

Anthony Newley

Kim Novak

Ryan O'Neal

Sarah Jessica Parker

Estelle Parsons

Anthony Perkins

Ron Perlman

Luke Perry

Bronson Pinchot

Joe Piscopo, comedian

Robert Preston

Michael J. Pollard

Richard Pryor, comedian

Robert Redford

Keanu Reeves

Don Rickles, comedian

Julia Roberts

Mickey Rourke

Eva Marie Saint

Telly Savalas

Jean Seberg

Jerry Seinfeld, comedian

Christian Slater

Dick Smothers, comedian

Brent Spiner

Slyvester Stallone ?

Terence Stamp

Jessica Steen

Rod Steiger

Alan Thicke

Terry Thomas, comedian

Emma Thompson

Rip Torn

Peter Ustinov

Brenda Vaccaro

Karen Valentine

Rudy Vallee

Dick Van Dyke

Graham Walker a.k.a. Grumbleweeds, English comedian

Wil Wheaton

James Whitmore

Treat Williams

Bruce Willis

William Windom

Oprah Winfrey

Mare Winningham

Joanne Woodward

Keenan Wynn

Stephanie Zimbalist

Left-Handed Athletes


Jans van Breukelen (soccer)

Dan Burbott (?) (soccer)

Johan Cruyff (soccer)

Willem van Hanegem (soccer)

Hernan Medford (soccer)

Pelé -Edson Arantes do Nascimento (soccer)

Diego Armando Maradona (soccer)

Romario (soccer)

Hugo Sanchez (soccer)

Richard Witschge (soccer)


Alan Border (cricket)

Alistair Campbell (cricket)

Denis Compton (cricket)

Saurav Ganguly (cricket)

David Gower (cricket)

Gary Sobers (cricket)


Francis X. Gorman (diving)

Greg Louganis (diving)

Mark Spitz (swimming)

Bruce Jenner (decathlon)

Nikita Kohloff (wrestling)


There are unique because just few percentage of the population are left handed, there's also a common believe that left handed people are creative





una don start, una don carry com. which one is being special because you do stuffs with ur lefthand.nigerians i bow 4 una,hiaaaaaaaaaa


Everyone is unique in their own way,

Left-handed people seem to be "special" because they can actually use the left part of their brains,

Unlike right-handed people that use only the right part of the brain.

But still, It really doesn't make them more special than anyone else.

They are just different, and different is good, and everyone is different in their own way.


What of people who can equally do things with both hands and/or feet (ambidexterity), usually pro athletes??


Left-handers are definitely special people.60% of US presidents in the last 30 years are left-handed am left handed too, and I was the best graduating student at my secondary school. Left handers also have very good handwritings. One theory divides left- and right-handed thinkers into two camps: visual simultaneous vs. linear sequential. According to this theory, right-handed people are thought to process information using a "linear sequential" method in which one thread must complete its processing before the next thread can be started.Left-handed persons are thought to process information using a "visual simultaneous" method in which several threads can be processed simultaneously You can learn a lot more about us here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Left-handed


Obama,McCain ,Bill Clinton & George Bush Snr are lefties too


*Singing and Clapping*

Leftie oyo yo

Leftie Oyo o

Kpeke le kpeke le Arugbo je gbese~~!

@Gamine walahi u be craze gal,


i was born a south- paw, but due to the issue of comformity while growing up, and i was the only left hander in my class, my nursery school teacher decided to teach me to write with my right hand. turns out i can now do every other thing with my left hand but write with both hands. i guess that makes me ambidextrous. i can also mirror- write with both eyes closed.

im a bit clumsy tho, i hear thats wot happens when u force kids to use their other hands to do things.

well, i'll say i have excelled in the art and social sceinces, essay writing, communicating skills and the likes, won a national essay competition in sec sch, but i dont kno if dats cos im a left- hander.


What's it with dis left handed fetish , we are all special in our own way.

If all you southpaws are so special why aren't you all Einsteins or bill gates

or can you compare with all the "very special" right handed people

you might quote some statistic and say percentages of lefties who are great in a poll of left handed people to percentages of righties who are equally great in a poll of right handed people are greater but it's all statistics.Mark twain once said there are 3 kinds of lies in the world , lies , darn lies and statistics.

Do ya all know that the great Leonardo da vince , the most intelligent man of all time was right handed.


im a righty, but the SOLE TRUTH is that,if you were born using a left hand, im telling you that you were born with some "special qualities' but it now takes time for the lefty to come to the knowledge of it and convert it to his/her own advantage.

i my neighborhood, lefties are always making good points,suggestions, i think the best of them is seen in their creativity knowledge,oh God, they are so good when it comes to CREATIVITY i.e fashion,desginers,blending of colors or something of that nature, and they are often blessed with good handwritings,

1love to all righties to :Po.


If you say so. I'm at the top of my class and I'm not competing with any of my leftie classmates cos there's nothing special or extraordinary about them. They're just plain!


i am 100% lefty, i use it everywhere and anywhere, irrespective of who and what, i remember an user told me in church to stop using my left hand to drop offering and i told her the money is not meant for her, that my own way and if it's really bad, she shold cut off her left hand.

i do not have any regret that i use left, my dad uses it and his parents used it as well. infact, i wish it for all my children. the truth is we're different, imagine someone doing african in a restaurant and using his hands, won't you take a second and another look?

we write faster, you want to compete that? send me a mail!!



u no dey serious.




Left handed people aren't few.

Some of my friends are left handed. They're unique (cos they're my friends). I know a lot of left handed people who are just ordinary and not outstandingly intelligent.


Leftie my stinking Bottom!!


i think its just a myth, no scientific proof, fine bill gate/oparah winfery is left handed , but biill gates is no longer the richest in the world and how many left handed people are in the first ten richest in the world anyway? how many left handers are CHESS GRAND MASTERS, how many are the best scientists in history, MOMO THEY ARE NOT MANY COMPARED TO THE RIGHT HANDERS, kini big deal, ? none!!


@ all

IGNORANCE IS BLISS, ENJOY IT HERE!! , what say i? where ignorance is been enjoyed so much like this, it is folly to be wise, most people once believed that the earth was flat but that way of reasoning never made it flat, believe what you want about your hand, am outta here 4 good!!


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because they tend to be so meticulous.

the trend that leftie are special also

goes with the thinking faculty.

A belief tends to be true when applied and believed


I am lefty nd so is my dad, i got lots of beating frm my mum to change , lots of pressure in secondary sch to excel in sports. My frds will yab without end for being diff. O how i tried to change. I am who i am period.



even Alamieysegha is Left handed


Why they are few may never be known but "uniqueness" may be because they are fewer in the general population (5 - 7%). Besides some cultures consider being left-handed a taboo.


Albert Einstein was left-handed, nuff said!


Left-Handed U.S. Presidents

James A. Garfield  (1831-1881) 20th

Herbert Hoover  (1874-1964) 31st

Harry S. Truman  (1884-1972) 33rd

Gerald Ford  (1913-    ) 38th

Ronald Reagan  (1911 -    ) 40th

George H.W. Bush  (1924-    ) 41st

Bill Clinton  (1946-    ) 42nd

The fact that George W. Bush is not on this list greatly consoles my spirit.


Left-handedness and intelligence

In his book Right-Hand, Left-Hand, Chris McManus of University College London argues that the proportion of left-handers is rising and left-handed people as a group have historically produced an above-average quota of high achievers. He says that left-handers' brains are structured differently in a way that widens their range of abilities, and the genes that determine left-handedness also govern development of the language centers of the brain.

McManus also says that the increase in the 20th century of people identifying as left-handed could produce a corresponding intellectual advance and a leap in the number of mathematical, sporting, or artistic geniuses.

In 2006, researchers at Lafayette College and Johns Hopkins University in a study found that left-handed men are 15 percent richer than right-handed men for those who attended college, and 26 percent richer if they graduated. The wage difference is still unexplainable and does not appear to apply to women. -- Wikipedia


Abeg make i hear word.

My sister is left-handed

the only unique thing about her is that she is the ONLY leftie in the house.



I am left handed but i'm hardly conscious of that fact now anyway since I use the computer keyboard most of the time now, not writing, abi?

But my parents beat me no be small while I was growing up due to the persistent use of my left hand. It was my oyinbo teacher that convinced them to stop trying to change me, and that's why handling activities now are shared btw both hands. I can write with my right hand as well.

But yea, it was a big deal while growing up in Naija - u might be the only lefty in a class of about 30.


May be true, Info from here;


Some researchers claim that left handers are more intelligent and eloquent than right-handed counterparts. In tests conducted by Dr. Alan Searleman from St Lawrence University in New York, he found that left-handers can be considerably more intellectually gifted. There were more left-handed people with IQs over 140 than right-handed people - which is the "genius" bracket. This is perhaps why there are more "lefties" in creative professions - such as music, art and writing - and more left-handed astronauts and leaders than would be expected.


NOT a yardstick for uniqueness, what will be will be,whether left or right


A high percentage of serial murderers were found to be left-handed. Fact.


Department of Sociology, Minot State University, ND 58701.

One hundred and thirty male and 213 female college students responded to a self-report delinquency and crime measure and to a scale of sidedness preferences. Consistent with most of the literature on official delinquency and crime, left handedness was positively associated with involvement in several forms of delinquency (including some degree of criminality) among males. Other measures of sidedness among males largely failed to correlate with delinquency, however. Among females, sidedness was much less systematically related to delinquency than among males.

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