why do people do say that the Nigeria flag has three colour,and why is it three or two colour

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i was in a place and the argument come up saying that the Nigeria flag has three colour and am confused pls through more light on it for me and

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The flag of Nigeria has two colors. It is divided into three vertical stripes of equal width. The middle of which is white and two others are green. The proportion of the flag's width to its length is 2:3.

The green color of the flag symbolizes its forest wealth, and the white color indicates the importance of peace for development and high price that the civilian life has got to this state.

The Nigerian flag was adopted on the same day when Nigeria got her Independence from Britain. It happened on 1 October 1960. The flag representing the independence of Nigeria was chosen by results of competition. The design of the flag was chosen in 1959 from almost 3,000 options. The author of the flag was a Nigerian student named Michael Taiwo, Akinkunmi. Moreover, the sun, printed on a white field were the part Michael Taiwo`s idea. Despite the fact that the jury eliminates the image of the sun, they accepted his project. Therefore, since 1960, the Nigeria flag is no longer changed.


Interesting facts about Flag of Nigeria

There is a setting if the flag of Nigeria rises and flies, no other flag or emblem must be rise above the Nigerian flag. You can`t use an old and tattered Nigerian flags. If something happens with Nigerian flag, for example, it is soiled or torn, a flag should have to burn to the respect. It is a crime in Nigeria to use the flag improperly. The law states: "Any person, who uses the flag in an unacceptable condition, shall be guilty of an offense with regards to this resolution."

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