Why is smoking attractive?

Interested why smoking cigarettes attracts lots of men and women? Read the article and get to know more about the reasons of attractiveness of smoking.


Movies and posters on the street are full of clips and images of cigarettes, which are beautiful, free, happy people advertise cigarettes. It seems that the joy of life, a healthy complexion, a beautiful face - all thanks to a pack of cigarettes located in the foreground. 

Today, ordinary people simply inundated with advertising of cigarettes and alcohol, despite the prohibition of such advertisements on television, newspapers and magazines still pay their attention to the abundance of the adverts of such theme. Smoking is harmful - it is widely known fact to everyone, in this struggle consciousness is lost, so it's difficult to resist the temptation. Each of us can start smoking, and only a few can give up the habit. As a result of depressing statistics - from diseases associated with nicotine dependence, more than 5 million people die in the world annually.

7 myths about smoking

Attractive or not?

Myth number 1: Smoking calms, relaxes and distracts from the problems of life

A break at work - it is necessary to smoke, there are problems - the man looks for a cigarette. Smokers can not protect themselves from stress in other ways. 
This phenomenon is referred to psychological dependence, it is much harder to overcome it than nicotine. From the latter you can get rid for a couple of weeks on your own or with the help of doctors if it is a serious problem for you.

Myth number 2: smoking helps maintain harmony

In fact, nicotine has no relation to the formation of fatty deposits in the body. Cigarettes reduce the appetite for a short time. The phenomenon of weight gain after smoking cessation is due to only one factor: the people "seize" stress and replace smoking by snacks. Doctors advise people who have recently quit smoking, in these difficult moments whether to drink green tea and walk in the fresh air.


Myth number 3: smoking helps to think

In fact, nicotine does not help a person to focus and inhibits nerve impulses in the brain. In the process of quitting smoking, a person can not concentrate or relax. This is because the harmful substances from the smoke initially stimulate brain cells. Next there is a psychological dependence, when a person wants to think or relax he starts to smoke. 

Myth number 4: You can smoke "for the company"

In fact, this kind of smoking toxicologists consider as less dangerous than the constant smoking. People who smoke in the company, are called situational smokers, they often have a mental addiction to nicotine, rather than physiological. These people haven't got withdrawal symptoms after quitting. However, smoking "for the company" - is the first step towards the development of the physiological nicotine dependence. The more a person smokes, the more he gets used to cigarettes.

Myth number 5: smoking relieves toothache and headache

How do you like?
In fact, cigarettes even have a vasoconstrictor effect, but it is so weak that it can not affect the pain. This effect can be noticeable only after a long interval between cigarettes - not less than 8.6 hours. Smoking in this case only distracts you. When you have a headache and dental pain it is better to consult a doctor or have an anesthetic drug.

Myth number 6: giving up smoking is easy

In fact, it is not. Judging by the amount of people wanting to get rid of the addiction. According to the latest estimatings, only 3 out of 100 people can successfully quit smoking themselves, but with the help of doctors - 50-60 people out of 100.

Myth number 7: pipes and cigar smoking is safer

What is it?
Many believe that pipes and cigars bring less harm to the body, because the smoke from them is tightened. In fact, these accessories for smoking very rarely cause lung cancer, however, smoking pipes and cigars contributes to the development of other diseases - cancer of lips and throat. 
Why we are extremely attracted by smoking?

The secret is quite simple: the nicotine contained in tobacco smoke (from 0.8 to 3.5%) has a pleasant stimulating effect on the nervous system of a smoker. In addition to the exciting and, accordingly, cheering effect nicotine has a specific euphoric effect. In other words, with each cigarette we get a definite "buzz", artificially boosting our mood.

Smoking girl - is it attractive?

In addition, a constant supply of nicotine in the body contributes to physiological addiction, in which many of the functions of the body without the constant smoking begin to give some failures. This is primarily a variety of disorders of the nervous system: irritability, irascibility, or vice versa - drowsiness and lethargy throughout the day, sweating, increased appetite, thirst, excessive salivation, digestive disorders, blood pressure fluctuations and so on and so forth. When you try to give up the habit, you often come across a state of abstinence, which inevitably will last for a certain time (no more than 3 weeks).

By the way, the main factors to consider – bearing in mind the facts whether smoking can make you look more attractive.

A woman wants and tries to be attractive at any age. So many efforts are required to look fresh, well-groomed, healthy! Cigarette smoke negates these efforts, leading to changes in skin and nails, the appearance of halitosis is the direct consequence of smoking, which certainly does not add bonuses for female attractiveness.

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