Why South African women's buttocks are the prettiest?

Have you ever thought what part of the world has the prettiest women buttocks? Read the article and get to know more about South African women buttocks – they are so charming!


The beauty of the female body has a magnetic effect on the opposite sex. Owners of young and attractive bodies with symmetric parameters arouse great interest of men, regardless of the time of year, the political situation and religious trends. Feminine beauty has become particularly important for the today’s men - physically attractive woman, they believe, will not only be an excellent mother, but also a promising assistant in life.

Generally, buttocks – is a sign of high position on the evolutionary ladder. Only man - the only one of all existing species of primates - have a protruding ass. Gluteal muscle appeared about 4 million years ago, when a man stood up. This is one of the newest parts of the body. Later, there was only the brain.


•             Each buttock has 12 muscles and 20 ligaments, which give it her roundness. For the shape and smart appearance is responsible the one that is closest to the surface: the gluteus maximus.

•             Buttocks size depends on the muscle structure, pledged genetically: someone gets more red fibers (like red meat in the chicken), and someone - white (such as chicken breast). White fibers are vulnerable to obesity, so the people in who have a lot of them, consequently have large and not very elastic back.

•             Ass was chosen as a whipping facility because of its high sensitivity and ability to tolerate moderate physical pressure.

•             Hairy buttocks are owned by flexible people with a genetic predisposition to diseases of the pelvic region.

•             Moles and birthmarks hidden in the crease between the buttocks – the sign for sexual and creative longevity.

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The rounded shape of the fifth point of inherent female physiology - body fat on the buttocks is formed by the activity of the "female" hormone estrogen, while "male" testosterone blocks the accumulation of fat in these areas. Increased adipose tissue on the How to How to increase my buttocks?my buttocks?to increase my buttocks?occurs after puberty. Fifth point size informs the men on the state of the female body in relation to fertility – it allows you to visually assess the level of estrogen in the body, as well as the amounts of fat reserves necessary for the child's development in the womb and breastfeeding after birth.

Would you like?

Depending on the cultural background of men, these are following standards of female beauty concerning the buttocks:

  • Asia's most beautiful woman possess the buttocks of small size, with a minimum of fatty deposits on the hips;
  • the Caucasus, local beauties must have plump buttocks;
  • Spaniards and representatives of the strong sex of the former Spanish colonies (South America) adoringly prefer plump buttocks, but the size should be moderate;
  • men from Africa, as well as African-Americans adore women with a large fifth point, and with fatty deposits on the hips.

Two big differences

Lines of skin and shape of the buttocks, as well as fingerprints, are unique. So, according to them, you can tell a lot about the character of their owner. Famous expert in this area - the Briton Daniel Smith shares his own expectations. According to his observations:


  • If the left buttock is greater than the right, the life has already checked you and nothing bad is expected in the nearest future;
  • If the right is more than left one – it’s a serious test;
  • Women with round ass, like an apple, are self-confident and creative. Living with this woman – is the eternal celebration and delight in bed;
  • Soft ass of pear shape belongs to the patient, practical and very faithful lady. In sex, these ladies are restless;
  • "Ears" on the sides will tell you about the domesticity of the mistress. A wife always taking care of you and a magnificent mother. It is comfortable to live with such a woman, but a little bit boring in bed;
  • "Square" buttocks belong to women of unprecedented kindness and sensitivity. But they are completely indifferent to the intimate pleasures.

African passion

African women are considered to be the owners of the prettiest and coolest ever buttocks. This glory – is the result of natural selection, men attracted women for giving birth to children with outstanding forms. Some have developed their buttocks up to two meters in width. This anomaly is known as "Hottentot buttocks" - the name of the tribe in South Africa. By the way, it is said that local women do not put baby girls at the back in order "not to crush" the ass.


A little bit chubby, soft and juicy buttocks - it's so beautiful. In addition, doctors say that it is also useful. Ideal ratio of waist circumference to hip circumference is - 0.7. This factor tells us about the optimal level of female hormone estrogen in the body – able to regulate many important processes. Plump girls are less likely to women's diseases, diabetes, high level of bad cholesterol. Women with big buttocks are not often injured: the muscles on the back are strengthened by the tendon. What’s more, it is easier to give birth to children with a wide pelvis. Such girls get healthy and clever children, because fat, gathered by their mothers on the buttocks and thighs, contain omega-3 fatty acids, which play an important role in brain development of the baby. You can not say the same about fat at the waist zone: it is rich in omega-6 acids, which do not greatly affect the child's physiology. By the way, the yellow subcutaneous fat, "stored" in the ass zone, is completely harmless: it does not cause the development of chronic diseases.

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