Betrayed? He Found A Refuge,dont Worry You'll Find Solace.


You smiled and told me you'l never leave

You coddled me and i deemed what i'v seen

Later you abridged and said you'l always remember

The cordiel feelings we shared together

And you'l never try shatter

Treasury memories we've gathered

Cos on a journey u're embarking

To find means for our daily living

As a young village boy

I knew times will be pretty demanding

you left i knew a part of me was gone

And each night,

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Like I said before, If you say so MATE.

And just for the record, I am not in some dispute with you over anything. I just expressed my displeasure at you scattering one poem all over the place and if that offended you, too bad.

PS I have not criticised your poem nor have I read it for that matter, so your acknowledgment will be unfounded.


smc,its not maybe,its certain i will find my way.moreover i dont think ure good enough to know a beautiful stuff lik mine.kunle


first thanks seun for moving my pages together,im grateful.U sms,smc or whateva u're called.if u'v for gotten,u gat a glass jaw dont let me break it with my words.is dat wat u do;discourage and bring people down,wel u av 2 be down 2bring peps down but sorry ur words are like thrash 2me.know what?dos are my words,@least u knew its a poem.i'm new here,joined earlier 2day,dont really know much about postin so blame me not.i stil av a page left seun


So i pulled myself together and convalesce

But i was always haunted by the shadows

Of sweet promises you'v swallowed

And the love we shareed you poked with arrow

My relish for you got replaced by revolt

I prayed one day i'l get my revenge

Soon,i truckled to my loneliness

I'ld drink till i become unconscious

Of memories you torn to shreds

I'ld hooze all night til i'm jiggered

i stil wasn't cured so i became sober

And each minute i'l cower




And each night i'l always sing a song

To stand in for the moment i've lost

I believe you'll always do the same

Cos the feelings you showered were so unfeighned

i got your letter and i was happy

In it you reassured me some promises

The ones i seem to be 4getting

It rekindles the flame when i keep reading

Not long,you ceased sending mails

i found you an excuse

And concluded you were working for the better,

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