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Writing film stories and articles is my natural talent that flows through my pen because I find pleasure in doing it and I'm only happy when I'm writing. My friends get impressed when they are opportune to read the introduction to my articles and stories. I do not have a publisher to publish my articles neither do I have the link to a film maker or producer to deliver the flow of my literary art on screen.

It will be very nice if we get to know those of us in the house who share uncommon goals so as to share ideals in future. I hope to find a producer one day,

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please,4give me for contacting u.cldnt get the bbc filmmakers site.how do i get there?and i got to iuniverse and got lost.wat do i do next?tanks


thanks a bunch i will do as you have asked.


Please, take your time to search the topics on this board and you would be satisfied, because addresses of publishers, TV/Film producers, literary associations, editors, professional formats for writing screenplays, and everything you need have been provided.

For television and film production scriptwriters, contact:

The BBC Filmakers network

See the TV/Movies board where I have been posting links and latest opportunities for those interested in televison and film.

For publishers, contact:

You can try Print on Demand publishers such as iUniverse the publishers of Uche Nworah's best selling book, The Long Harmattan Season.

Lulu.com has published so many writers from the scratch,

Lulu TV has discovered and paid many talented producers and

Lulu also produces song writers and musicians in recorded songs and music in MP3.

For traditional publishing in Nigeria,

Simply join the Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA) and PEN Nigeria Chapter and we have provisions for all your needs.

We even have prizes for the best unpublished works.

Outside Nigeria, new writers are discovered and published in many writing competitions, but they charge fees from 5 pounds, but others don't charge.

The British Council has the Cross Borders programme and the BBC has many offers for everybody who can sing, write and broadcast.

The BBC even went as far as sending one of their correspondents to Nigeria to interview me and played my CD in 2003 and the French Cultural Centre does many things for Nigerian writers and producers with annual grants of over 100, 000 Euros.

A totally unknown scriptwriter in the backstreets of Shomolu got a French Commission of 50,000 Euros to make his Nigerian movie.

I have had such benefits since 1980 to date.


I gave one of the top directors in Nollywood a great opportunity from Prince Claus. I didthe most important thing and they only sent a form to fill and he couldn't fill the form and never told me until the deadline passed.

Another G.M at NTA failed to impress the French directors.

So, do your homework first.

Please, visit all their websites.

I wish you all the best.


i am with you guys,i also write screenplays,poems,articles,plays,children'stories,and love stories.i do pray we all find producers,and publishers.

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