How to write a novel in a month?

How to write a novel in a month? Find out from this article!

I think each of us has at least once dreamed of writing a book.  The fact that it was ready to break out of our waterfall of words, emotions and feelings. For seething each and every time to time there is really worth and interesting ideas. But before the case at hand reach units. And all because the writing of the book seems to many an incredibly capacious, time-consuming and mental strength, process.

How to write a book? After all, it is quite difficult. But it is not enough to throw even trying. Leo Babauta, creator of the blog about minimalism zenhabits.net, author of «Focus» books, «The Effortless Life», «Zen To Done» and other interesting publications, shares his secrets of the writer's work. All books are written in accessible language and literally swallowed even in English.

Set time limits is one of the highlights.

You must set for itself a time limit for which you are able to write a book. It could be a week, if the book is a bit longer than the standard glossy magazine. And maybe 30 days if it is novel.

Public call

Despite the fact that some psychologists believe that it is impossible to talk about the case, as long as we did not finish, otherwise we have a false impression that it is already done, Leo offers to tell everyone that you are going to write a book. You can report every day of your past and present finished work when the time comes. This can be done with the help of a personal blog, their profile in social networks or via Twitter. There will always be those who gladly will monitor the process and will inquire with the result.

Write a work plan before you begin, prepare all the necessary information on how books are written - the work on the characters, sketches, notes, books, etc. It is better to do it in advance so that while working on the book to disconnect from the Internet and to concentrate fully on the job.

Find a quiet place is quite natural that the noisy office is difficult to focus on a creative task. The same applies to the atmosphere at home, when you become absolutely essential and urgent for everyone. If possible, work in the park, or his own office, the entrance to which during working hours severely punished. In an extreme case it is possible to remove a small office for a month and work there.

Look for inspiration

This is the main driving force. And each finds its own power. Someone reading a book or advice of other writers, someone listens to music, someone just walks in the park or the city. And someone is waiting for the night, so you can hear even the most quiet and secret thoughts.

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Work jerks

Leo prefers to work intensively for 15-30 minutes, then make small breaks for 5-10 minutes, during which time he was just a little walking or flexing his stiff body. You can set up its own time limits, but remember that breaks are needed for physical and mental relaxation. After continuous operation of the computer for an hour my body starts to ache, and I want to bend your back so that all crunched. So if you really your inspiration fountain turned on at full capacity, at least get up from the table and change its position, so that the body even a little rested. And once again I remind you that for those who during the whole day working at the monitor, mandatory fifteen-minute break every 45 minutes.

Talk about your successes Share your achievements (or failures) every day. If you have something does not work, that is no reason to be ashamed. Perhaps among those people who surround you or read your daily records on the Internet, there is someone who will tell out of this situation. I read again - everything is very simple. Then I wonder why we do not sit down at their Talmud? And even if you feel that your thoughts are not worth to be collected into a book, you can always try to write in your blog, from which in the end can go a pretty good book. After all, that is what happened to the virtual diary that is now avidly read as "intimate diary, Belle de Jour";)

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