Poem: For How Long?

We lay

Eyes fixated on one another

Hearts joined as one

She smiles…traces my lips with her finger tips

Speaking to me from her soul

She says,

Kiss me

For how long? I ask

Kiss me till the pores on your tongue long for me whenever I’m not near

And every sense resonates memories of you and I love-tied and love-soaked

Drenched in our passion lost in our love…kiss me till our lips become one

And so I do as she says

Again we lay

Hands locked in full embrace

Souls melted whole

She laughs…plays with the hair on my lower abdomen

Speaking to me from her heart, she whispers this

Hold me

For how long? I ask

Till the length your arms extend are for only me and the feel of it all comes naturally

Magnetically we meet, forces beyond our control,

The pull gets stronger every waking moment till we emerge one mind, body and soul

Hold me till I’m engraved deep in your skin so when I’m not around you can still feel me within

Hold me till you never need to wonder if we belong…hold me till we are one

And so I do as she says

Again we lay

Her head rested upon my chest

She takes a deep breath signaling it was time to rest

Before I dream I have one more thing to ask, she says

Love me

For how long? I ask

Till it becomes the food we need to survive

Each moment of strife in our relationship causes hunger

Each fight brings about starvation of our minds

And so we run to each other yearning to be satisfied

We forgive and rewind just to have more moments to reflect on each sector of our lives

Our love treats life like an open mic and so we speak to one another fully,

Passionately, clearly, lovingly, critically, cynically, every way possible sometimes even grudgingly

We speak, leaving no words unsaid, no truth unheard

No love unfed

Love me without an end

And so I do as she says


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SUPERB!!! Dude you should go to a live Open Mic Club with your poems. Truly, you are going to get a standing ovation. You are beyond talented.

Much love


Awww . . .

"Love me till it becomes the food we need to survive"

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