What are the most popular books in Africa?

What is the best fantastic novel, which is liked by majority of Nigerians? What book can tell you about Nigerian architecture? Read the article to learn about the best editions.

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Every Nigerian has his or her own favorite book. Our books review is a collection of works, which is perfect in opinion of majority of Nigerians.

Aminatta Forna – The Memory of Love

Action happens in Freetown in 1969. Elias Cole notices Saffia Kamara, the wife of the charismatic colleague in January evening. She has fascinated him. Thirty years later, being in chamber of capital hospital, he remembers desire, which has led him to commission, which he has tried to justify since then.

In other place of hospital Kai, a gifted young surgeon, desperately tries to forget pain from unhappy love, which torments him just as phantom pains, which he still endures from civil war. At the same time British psychologist Adrian Lockheart tries to help two survived soldiers. Then he also falls in love. Past and present face destructive consequences. This is one of the most harrowing books to read about simple people in unusual circumstances.

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Lauren Beukes – Zoocity

The next position in our books list is a fantastic novel. They don't know what animal they will receive for committed crime. Someone will get a mouse, and someone will be awarded with hyena or scorpion. They live in Zoocity, where police doesn't like to come. Robbery, violence, murders are a commonplace here. Zinzi Letu, the former journalist, who in narcotic delirium has shot the brother, drags an idler on her back, and her friend Benois – a mongoose. Zoopeople can't leave the embodiment of their sins, and it is so easy to recognize them.

Zinzi has a gift. She is able to find the lost things, but once the famous producer for big money employs her that she has found a person, unexpectedly a young star of show business is gone. Zinzi feels that she is got involved in dangerous and dirty business. But the temptation to escape from tenacious paws of the creditor is too big, and she agrees.

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Tendai Huchu – The Hairdresser of Harare

Books chart is continued with magnificent story, which was written in 2010. She throws down a challenge to classification with the acute socio-political comment, which is embodied in very comic history of the young woman who can't reconcile to defeat. Huchu spends the reader through surprising stories of lives and economic facts of the modern city of Harare by means of the history of Vimbai, the hairdresser. This woman tries to find a shelter for herself and her little son very hard. She has lost her beloved brother. Then a new stylist, the attractive man, joins work in salon. It seems to her that she will lose the best clients soon, and probably even her job.

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Noo Saro-Wiwa – Looking for Transwonderland

These memoirs were written by Noo Saro-Wiwa, the daughter of killed ecological and political activist Ken Saro-Wiwa. Traveling from Lagos around Nigeria, she tells her family story. Sometimes in the book contradictory views of the African, who is far from homeland, are noticed and readers have an opportunity to look at this extensive, fascinating Earth from the different angle. Only the person with broad life experience could write such honest story about modern Nigeria. This is must have in your books collection.

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Alain Mabanckou – Broken Glass

Alain Mabanckou is a writer who is an opponent of prejudices. His books are filled with literary and cultural references from every part of the globe, plus a little trite humor and sharp wit. In this city novel written in the heart of Africa (Congo), our story-teller sits on stool in the bar under the name Credit Gone West and tells stories of criminals, speculators and all those people who drink near to him. All the time he hides his own grief, disappointment and aspiration, which prevent him to live. Mabanckou is one of the greatest authors of the continent, and with each book, he becomes better.

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David Adjaye – African Metropolitan Architecture

This book represents connection of photos and stories about buildings, places and life around them. This is a visual introduction of the reader to the atmosphere of the city. The book about African capital architecture shows 53 big cities grouped in a landscape. Concentrating on how the cities grow, considering their colonial inheritance, environment, social and political structures supporting them, the book ideally describes each city. This is not a gift edition, but fine trip to bright, fragile heart of modern African life.

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Maaza Mengiste – Beneath the Lion’s Gaze

Action happens in the years of red terror, period after strong communistic revolution in Ethiopia in the 1970th. The novel tells about life of two brothers and their father. The first brother, Dawit, is a student and revolutionary. His elder brother, Yonas, seeks consolation in studying of traditions and prayers. Their father Hailu is a surgeon who tries to save life of the young woman, who dreadfully has undergone tortures of secret police. His task consists in curing to put her back in prison. The choice, which he makes, cardinally changes family life.

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