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G14. Should Chelsea Be Allowed In?

The G14 clubs of Europe are actually 18 of the best clubs in Europe. Members are

Spain- Real Madrid FC, Barcelona FC, Valencia FC

Italy- AC MIlan, Inter Milan and Juventus

Germany- Bayern Munich, Bayer Leverkusen, Borussia Dortmund

England- Manchester United, Arsenal  FC, Liverpool

Holland- Ajax , PSV Eindhoven

France - Lyon, PSG, marseille

Portugal- FC porto

According to Jose Mourinho , Chelsea chief Peter Kenyon is hard at work trying to get the G14 to accept Chelsea's status and admit them into the fold. So should Chelsea be allowed in? and your reasons.

besides also rumors are that Peter Kenyon is secretly trying to buy David beckham, Peter Kenyon  said more than a year ago that he expected Chelsea to become a profitable company within five years, rather than relying on Abramovich's continual bankrolling.  to do that he needs not only a star player but also increased revenue from sponsorship and from reaching the latter stages of the champions league. rumours are that mourinho is seriously against the idea of buying David beckham because it will increase the average age in the dressing room.  Right now Peter kenyon and mourinho are not talking. and it's is widely believed in sports media cicles that kenyon is scheming for Erickson to take over mourinho's job because  Erickson will be sympathetic to the cause due to his close relationship with David Beckham.

Mourinho is said to be feeling so isolated and marginalised that despite recent denials of a switch to inter milan there is a genuine fear that he is ready to jump switch.

so what y'all think? no hating, strictly intelligent discussion

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Church And Football - Is It In Fact The Same Feeling?

Now I've been to church a lot of times in my life and there's no doubt that "when the spirit comes" and everyone is singing and praying and praising there is a buzz which makes you tingle and you can really believe that you can feel the power / prescence of God.

The trouble is when you go and watch a football match, and the whole crowd is up on their feet with their scarves raised in the air singing "you'll never walk alone" I get exactly the same uplifting feeling. In fact if you watched last year Liverpool even had a night of Miracles in Istanbul!!!!

Some people get so obsessed with football in the same way people do with Church - At least one day a week is totally taken up with worship of their team. They get dressed up specially to go an watch. Each follower of a team in football believes that there's is the best and looks down on the others. They even go to war with each other sometimes!

I don't know about you but I've given up going to Church and now worship at the house of Rafa!

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Peter Crouch: What Manner Of A Player?


He is English, He plays for Liverpool.

What do you like about him?

Did he worth £7m?

If he is a Nigerian, Can he make Eyimba or 3SC let alone Super Eagles?

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Liverpool vs AC Milan; who wins the champion's league?

hey u football lovers - 25th of may is almost here and I just can't wait to see[b] THE MATCH [/b]

Liverpool vs AC Milan...though I'm no fan of any of the teams...I think liverpool would win...reason : I don't know

so who do u think would win Liverpool or AC...let me know before the final whistle!

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Which Team Will Win 2005/2006 Premiership Season?

With Premiership title thrown "open" last weekend, In your own opinion, which team is going to win the premiership?

Is it Manchester United?

Is Arsenal?

Is Sunderland?

Is it Chelsea?  or

Is it Liverpool?

Note: Please i don't want comment like "ifs" and "When". Just mention the team SIMPLE.

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