10 sexiest Nigerian girls

Nigeria is blessed by beauty in its ladies. Look up the photos of the 10 sexiest Nigerian girls and enjoy.

It is not a secret that there are plenty of beautiful women in Nigeria. When you meet Nigerian girls, you will immediately understand how attractive they are. However, though the majority of them are extremely attractive, most of men are still eager to know who 10 sexiest Nigerian girls are.

10 sexiest Nigerian girls

Before we can talk about the sexiest Nigerian women, we need to observe the issue and criteria of sexuality, because, as you know, girls might be attractive in different ways.

Women characteristics

When we find out features and factors that influence female state of sexuality, we will be able to speak about 10 sexiest Nigerian girls. Those factors usually include both visual characteristics and behavior. They might be as follows:

 sexiest Nigerian girlsBody. This is probably the key feature. If a girl has beautiful forms she is obviously considered sexy. Nice curves make a woman really wanted.

Hair. Women with long hair are usually more attractive. However, it is necessary to observe other features as well.

Legs. It is not a secret that most of male representatives prefer long and straight legs. There are exceptions though.

Attire. It is very important how a girl dress. Tight jeans, short skirts, and tops or dresses with low neck will turn almost every female into one of the hottest women in Nigeria. Sometimes it is not even obligatory to have nice forms, as properly selected outfit will emphasize every sexy feature and cover the weaknesses.

Makeup. Pretty face can really work sometimes. Special lipstick is able to make you lips fresh, magnetic, and juicy. A good mascara and eyeliner will create an extremely sexy look.

Behavior. It very often happens that a woman is thought to be sexy just because of the way she speaks, laughs or gesticulates. The movements should be slow, tender, and gentle.

Age. It is a controversial factor, as many women of age are much more attractive physically and mentally.

These are the most common features. The sexuality might be evaluated with several or just one of them.

Nigerian girlsWhich women are considered sexy?

There are types of girls, who are thought to be sexually attractive, because they are famous and widely displayed. In other words, we mean various Nigerian celebrities. They are:

Models. Both men and women in fashion industry are very attractive. They have wonderful forms and beautiful faces. However, some of the guys may claim that those girls do not possess such nice curves as really sexy women do.

Singers and musicians. People of Nigeria music industry may sometimes look even strange. However, there are always those who adore them and say they are very sexy. Their music, performance or even voice can be influential in such cases.

Actresses. Of course, every actress has her followers and fans. People often worship such people. So, most of them really correspond to the standards of sexuality, but there exist those, who don’t. However, they are still thought to be attractive and special.

As you see, most of celebrities are considered sexy not only in Nigeria, but all over the world. Sometimes even their visual look does not matter.

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Sexiest Nigerian female celebrities

Now when we know the features and types of women that are sexy for the majority of people, we can observe the list of those girls, who are rated the sexiest in Nigeria nowadays:

  1. Tonto Dike. She is the most beautiful Nollywood actress. She is often described as very hot and controversial. She has several tattoos and is characterized by bright red lips. She is also popular for indifference towards everything. Her credo is IDGAF. She is currently trying herself in music, though her fans think movies are better for her.
    Tonto Dike.
  2. Chidinma Ekile. She became famous in 2011 after winning one of the music contests (MTN Project Fame West Africa reality show). She was just 23 during that time. And since then, she has created more and more hits. Her voice is very sultry. Although her hair is low cut, she has very nice curves and is extremely sexy. What is more, she is smart enough being a student of the University of Lagos. She is studying sociology.
    Chidinma Ekile.
  3. Eku Edewor. This is light-skinned Nigerian actress. She is described by people as classy, sexy, and sleek. She has become famous for her work as host of one of the entertainment programmes, known as Studio 53 Extra.
    Eku Edewor.
  4. Cynthia Morgan. She is 22-year-old singer. She was born in Edo State. She has a husky sexy voice. However, besides this, she also owns an outstanding body, skin, and eyes. All of them are very alluring.

  5. Seyi Shay. Her real name is Deborah Oluwaseyi Joshua. Being born in 1985, she is not only physically attractive. This girl is extremely talented. She is a singer, a songwriter, and a performer at the same time. You probably know her best track called ‘Murda’. She is slim and absolutely sexy.
    Seyi Shay.
  6. Eloho Eva Alordiah. She is a hip-hop diva from Delta state. Her spitfire rap lyrics are just amazing. However, this is not her only occupation. She is also a makeup artist, a model, a designer, and an entrepreneur! Very impressive list for a woman. You will not be able to take your eyes of her body and piercing eyes.
    Eloho Eva Alordiah.
  7. Tolu Oniru. She is widely known as Toolz. She is an on air personality, famous for hosting in Midday Show on Beat 99.9 FM. Besides, she is a host for X-Factor West Africa. Once this girl was a judge during Channel O Awards. However, the most striking thing about her is her wonderful curves. Everyone will say that her body if worth killing or dying for.
    Tolu Oniru.
  8. Munachi Abii. Plenty of people call her the most beautiful rapper in the world among the women. And they are hardly wrong. You should know that she has participated in some beauty pageants and won the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria in the year of 2007. She is both a wonderful hip-hop artist and one of the hottest women in the country.
    Munachi Abii.
  9. Tiwa Savage. This woman is the first lady of Supreme Mavin Dynasty. And she is also the sexiest artist in Nigeria. She has a sultry voice, beautiful eyes, and hot body. And even her current state of pregnancy cannot change that fact that she is very sexy.
    Tiwa Savage.
  10. Genevieve Nnaji. She is mostly known by her first name. She one of the most gifted and popular actresses in the country. Although she is 35, she preserves her youthfulness and joy. She has already become a mother. However, she is still called Julia Roberts of Africa. Oprah Winfrey called her so, when she was a guest at her show. What is more, this actress is very stylish and fashionable.
    Genevieve Nnaji.

There are much more sexy women in this country. Great number of unknown single ladies in Nigeria is waiting to be noticed. There are so many contests of beauty, that’s why plenty of hot girls are still to appear in public.

Sexuality is a complex issue. It does not always concern the body shape. Many factors have an impact on people’s opinion about a particular person. Your hair, eyes, gestures, even voice and behavior are of importance. Nigeria may be very proud of its beautiful and hot girls. Most of them possess all the possible features of sexuality, which make them worldwide known. Even though top 10 women are celebrities, every female has a chance to show herself and her strengths. You can work hard and become one of the most attractive in Africa.


Hello! Indeed, attractive girl, with beautiful facial features. They are able to emphasize their attractive shapes, to focus on one or another part of his body. But, I can not agree with the previous post. I am a girl, but also do not like big breasts. Besides, I do not consider it sex, from large blows and vulgarity. As it turns out, if a woman has large breasts, it automatically applies to sexual virgins? Sexuality is another. Let the chest be small, but neat. A woman should start a furious charge of energy, attractive, alluring. Look, too, plays an important role. That such trifles hidden sexuality.

Answered 1 year ago.

I do not like too big breasts in women. I would not say that large breasts provide sexuality. I think that sexy girls especially beautiful. They must be good value chest and buttocks. 3 The first photo I like, and the rest not. I think men support me. But there are those who ought huge breasts. And sexy girl should have good long legs and slender, thin waist. But that still was not too slim. Nigerian girls men. Many girls and boys enrolled in our medical universities. Repeatedly communicated with them. I like them.

Answered 2 years ago.

Hello to all readers of this topic! Topic extremely interesting and frank! Particularly interesting for a strong male! Overall, the majority of women around the world beautiful and sexy, but a man is notable to resist them! But the women of Nigeria, submitted in the do sex sex symbols! Even in some ways is the envy)) It was very interesting to learn the information as described here. I am a woman, but I likes the chi all girls! So, I think there will be many visitors are male! Hold a man !! Here is your weakness - a beautiful, hot and seskualni women!

Answered 2 years ago.

Here, you can not argue, Nigerian girls are very beautiful and sexy, even though I, too, a girl, but I see their beauty. And of course I agree with the article that the girls will melt with age sexier and more beautiful. Clothing also plays a huge role in a woman's life, there are girls who do not know how to emphasize their beauty, wear clothes that are full or do not go. My husband really like my voice, because I have it low. Of course, even the eyes of the girls can be sexy echsli their beautifully emphasize.

Answered 2 years ago.
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