10 tips to attract and date African men

If you follow these ten best dating tips, you get all the chances of meeting and attracting the guy of your dreams!

There are many beautiful women in Nigeria and some of them feel like they need good dating advice. These 10 tips to attract and date African men will make sure you not only find the exact type of guy, but also to charm and go out with him successfully.

girls dating tips

10 best dating tips for girls: 

1. Sense of purpose
You gotta realize what is that you want. It’s the best one of dating tips out there. No use to be just going out in search of someone special. You need to meet him in your mind, before you meet him anywhere else.  Many chics seem to be incapable of meeting a nice man. They get good jobs or great education, but fail to succeed in this.

The reason is this: they are not serious about the task. Just think about your approach to anything that really matters: schooling, college or a job interview. How do you go about the task? You get nice man? Do not get overly romantic and deem you are going to just “fall in love” and be “swept off your feet”. Make it your mission. And… stay focused and move all the other relations out of your way. Do not date several guys at once.

Invest your time to develop that big relationship with just one body, rather than 3 small ones with different guys. Make sure you do want him around. Create room for him in your life. Men quickly get it, whether they are into you or not. So, stay focused for a month. By that time he would surely get it: if he likes you enough to go on or not. Hear him say: let’s take time to think, he is not into you! Do not squander your time. You can do it by being unfocused and dating several guys or by clinging to a guy who is not into you that much.

self-confidence quote

2. Self-confidence

Do not make your insecurities obvious to him. Some girls may worry about their skin shade. You may deem it’s too dark. You can show that anxiety to a guy by using too much make up or by improper outfits.

Do not overdo with your make up trying to hide or improve yourself. A girl should be comfy in her own skill, with no makeup being or overdressed like for a night out. Know the appropriate look for every situation.

Yes, guys get attracted to sexy girls, but not to the ones looking slutty. He may come after you to get sex, but what you want is relations. So, know how to look nice without being overdone. That shows your confidence.

3. Show interest

Do not confront him. You can smile, you can look, you can be inviting and make it more inviting for him to come and chat with you. Not all men are ready to take riks being turned down. You can even be the first to talk to him.

Be accessible. If you go out with a gang of other girls that could be intimidating to a man. They are much more confident and outgoing if they have to come up to you, when you play solo, than when there is a crowd of girls out there. So, occasionally it’s a good plan to go out all on your own.

Again, show interest, but leave it up to him to decide. Make sure he understands you like him, but let him do the asking out. There is a balance between availability and being inaccessible. Playing hard to get is not the best tactic. You should not look thirsty either. Just find the balance and be responsive and inviting; open to advances and appreciative.

4. Pick your friends carefully

girls dating tips

Screen your friends. What do they tell others about you? Your friends can either help you meet a good guy, or push him away from you. They have to be on the level of that dream man you are after.

If your girl friend looks too available or rude guys may think she is your match and she may scare off some good fellows.

5. Education

That is true if you want to draw an educated man. They look for females of their level and caliber. They want a partner and a soul to talk to and to grow with. Surely, there is no reason to be like one of those totally independent western women. Nigerian or African men do not really fancy marrying them.

They look for an educated, smart and capable partner in life. She has to be creditable to his status and she should not embarrass him by not being clever enough.

6. Appreciate yourself and set a standard

Some guys out there just want to use you. Some of them are not grownup or manly enough. Others are out looking for sex. If you have some sort of relations with such a guy, cut it off and then go looking for the love of your life. Do not squander your time on unworthy options.

Make sure you are ready for serious relations; get your life in order to charm someone, whose life is also in order, too. Set up a standard and do not let it down. Men respect that. If they don’t, why do you need such guys?

girls dating tips 3

7. Smile and be positive

Do not show your negativity or trouble. Folks do not like to be around sad people. Some girls may bore a man to death sharing their emotions and troubles. So, whatever happens go out cheerful, happy and smiling. That would attract positive guys to you.  

8. Return attention

Guys take notice of how you handle other guys. This keeps them on the secure ground. What if someone you do not really like comes up to you? Do you snub him off? The guy you really like may be watching and say: no way. I am not going there. So, be polite and return the attention you get. Do not be mean and be nice.

Even if you do not feel like dancing or chatting with a guy, just be nice to him and appreciate his attention. That would boost your chances with other guys watching.

9. Give complements

You may return his complements. Find something to say to him; something nice about him. Always have something nice to say to a man and about a guy. Guys love compliments and praise. Do not be mean by just listening to his compliments and having naught to say in return.

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10. Purity

Few men would go for dating a chic with a kid. We are not speaking of widows here. No. If you are old enough to date and attract men, you should be old enough to know such stuff. When kids are born outside the marriage in most cases is a sign of sexual impurity in a woman.

girls dating tips 4

So, before you get too closely engages with any guy, think about the possible consequences. What if?... What if he does not marry you? What if you get pregnant? What are you going to do later on in your life?

There are many women looking for men in Nigeria. So, think twice or as many time as you need to before getting engages with a guy sexually outside of marriage.

In most cases, young men would not even bother dating a girl with a child to raise. And that’s a bitter fact. And, of course sexual purity is an vital part of Christian dating.

Getting into bed before establishing relations is the worst dating mistake to make. And unfortunately it is a commonplace mistake women looking for men make. A man is not going to buy a cow, if he can get the milk for free. It is TRUE! Sex cannot make him stick with you for good.  You cannot build a lifelong commitment on sex.  

Yes, he may be very persuasive and even pressing, but that is no good reason to give him what he is after. Why would he then marry you? He smashed you and that’s it. Sex cannot keep him with you. Getting in bed before you have made a commitment is plainly telling: there is no reason in having relationship with you at all. He can get it just like that with no effort on his side.

Staying away from sex before marriage gives you a benefit. If you do not let that happen, you do not really care if he would dump you after all. If he does, bad for him. But if you have given out something so special and he dumps you, you feel terrible. You become being afraid he would do that and he knows it. That gives him the power to manipulate you. 

You see, there are many good reasons to date and marry African men. These 10 tips to attract and date African men can boost your chances and help you fix or avoid commonly made mistakes. Just do the dating in a smart way to get what you want.

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Very Nice One!

Answered 5 months ago.

well I guess this is really actionable advice at least many of them exactly. A woman should behave modestly, not to be rude when with a man just like a delicate flower which should want to take care of the guy. Try to love to cook, because all men love to eat well and you can find a good approach to man through cooked dishes. Well, one of the more important the woman should be a mystery to men, not an open book from which he will soon become bored. A man needs you to constantly learn, surprise men.

Answered 2 years ago.
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