150 questions to ask your boyfriend before you agree to marry him

How to tell if you met the right person to marry? Ask them some good questions! Here is a list 150 for you to benefit from.

Which are the questions to ask boyfriend?

This problem overtook each girl. Almost everyone thought “What are the questions to ask my boyfriend?” No one wants to make a false choice. That’s why problem of questions to ask boyfriends remains very actual. What things to ask your boyfriend before marriage? What question to ask your boyfriend to learn how to be more pleasant to him? Which questions for boyfriend are the most cure and romantic? All this answers to questions to ask a boyfriend you’ll find in the article below.

questions to ask your boyfriend

Everyone wants the long and strong relations. Therefore, it is very important to know what your partner wants. And you should be ready to remember questions to ask ur boyfriend.

Questions to ask bf are very different. Would you like to see 100 questions to ask your boyfriend? Or it’s better 150? Special for you we found top-150 questions to ask your bf.

 Let’s go! Here are the best questions to ask your boyfriend:

boyfriend questions to ask

List of boyfriend questions to ask about him

Hese are 20 common questions to get to know your boyfriend better:

  1. Do you support communication with your ex-girlfriend?
  2. Do you believe in God?
  3. What features would you like to see your partner?
  4. Have you ever got drunk at a noisy party?
  5. Would you like to have any children?
  6. Do you have a cherished dream?
  7. Where would you like to live in 5 years?
  8. Who would you like to be in 5 years?
  9. Are you a fighter in the heart?
  10. Is it easy to argue with you?
  11. Do you have any superstitions?
  12. What does “luxury life” mean to you? Describe it.
    puzzled man

  13. How would you describe your perfect life in 5 years?
  14. You have a chance to get one of the super-abilities. What would you choose?
  15. If you were an actor, what roles would you choose?
  16. If you were an actor, would you agree shoot in erotic scenes?
  17. What talents would you like to have?
  18. Do you trust in the paranormal phenomena?
  19. Imagine that you have to leave your city for place where there are no people. You can take only one person with you. Who it could be?
  20. If you had a chance to grant 3 desires, what would you wish?

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    Questions to ask your boyfriend about you

    These are the questions to ask your boyfriend about yourself. It helps to learn what he likes or dislikes in you. Look at these questions to ask your boyfriend about your relationship:
    questions to ask your date
  21. What features do you love in me?
  22. What features do you hate in me?
  23. What was the first thing in me you paid attention to?
  24. What smell reminds you of me?
  25. What part of my body is the most pleasant for you?
  26. If I were poor, would you date me?
  27. Can you describe me in one sentence?
  28. If you, dating with me, would meet very beautiful woman, whom would your choose?
  29. How could you describe me in one world?
    dating questions

  30. What would you say if your friend didn’t like me?
  31. What do you friends can say about me?
  32. Imagine that I began to communicate with your friend too often. Would you be jealous?
  33. If I have suggested you to get married, would you be surprised?

    More questions to ask your boyfriend

    Now you can see more questions to get to know your boyfriend below. These are absolutely varied questions for your boyfriend:

    what to ask your boyfriend about
  34. Have you ever had imagine friends?
  35. Have you ever been under drugs?
  36. Have you ever been depending on something?
  37. Are you afraid of ghosts?
  38. If you had a chance to change something in yourself cardinally, what would you choose?
  39. How can you describe your dream job?
  40. What was the most exciting thing you’ve ever done?
  41. What was your most expensive purchase that you did for you?
  42. What was your most expensive purchase, which you bought for other people?
  43. If you won a big sum of money, where would you spend it?
    guy with money
  44. Imagine that you need urgently to leave your house and to take only one thing with you. What would you choose?
  45. Who is your idol?
  46. What do you think about religion?
  47. Have you ever lied to somebody that you love her?
  48. Have you ever driven the car after you’ve got drunk?
  49. How can you describe the strangest party you’ve been present at?
  50. Whom of my friends you don’t like? Why?
  51. What do you think about saving the Earth?
  52. Do you dream about getting any world award? For what?
  53. How could you describe you in one world?
    poor man dating
  54. Have you any favorite character from movie? Who is it?

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    Good questions to ask your boyfriend

    These are good questions to ask boyfriend about everything. This selection will help you to learn about many spheres of his life.

    Cute questions to ask your boyfriend
    cute questions to ask boyfriend
    These are cute and fun questions to ask your boyfriend:
  55. Have you ever received any amusing nicknames?
  56. Do you have any favorite character from cartoon? Who is it?

    Romantic questions to ask your boyfriend
    romantic questions for boyfriend

    What are some questions to ask your boyfriend? Of course, romantic! See them below:
  57. You consider that the love exists, don’t you?
  58. You are romantic, aren’t you?

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    Personal questions to ask your boyfriend
    personal questions to boyfriend
    Serious questions to ask your boyfriend will help you to get closer to him:
  59. Have you ever had a friend, who brought you benefit?
  60. What do you often think about?
  61. When did you have a girl last time?
  62. Did you fool somebody?
  63. What person plays the most important role in your life?
    most important person
  64. What do you remember most often?
  65. Can you describe the most ridiculous moment in your life?
  66. Have you any strange imagination?
  67. What features of your character are the most irritable?
  68. Have you ever got out of hand?
  69. Do you consider that you need to treat your mental state?
  70. Are you jealous?
  71. Have you ever had an unusual experience in sex?
  72. Do you love farther or mother the most?
  73. If your parents have divorced, with whom would you remain?
  74. Have you ever had an unsuccessful experience in the relations? Describe it.
  75. Do you consider that the size matters?
    does size matter
  76. What do you think about sex without obligations?
  77. What do you hate in yourself most of all?
  78. How can you describe the worst day in your life?

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    Questions to ask new boyfriend
    confused black man
    If you don’t know what questions to ask a new boyfriend, see this list. It can be also called questions to ask a potential boyfriend:
  79. What are your purposes in life?
  80. Who is your favorite artist?
  81. What is your favorite movie?
  82. Do you prefer a comedy or a horror?
  83. What country would you like to visit?
  84. Money, power and fame: what is the most attractive for you?
    fame money power
  85. What advantages of your friend’s character are the most pleasant for you?
  86. Have you ever been at any concert? What?
  87. What is the most interesting event you’ve visit?
  88. What could you do to improve your city?
  89. Do you like to go in cinema?
  90. Do you like visiting museums?
  91. Do you like to go in theatre?
  92. What major field is the most attractive for you?

    50 questions to ask your boyfriend
    50 questions to boyfriend
    Still not sure, what questions to ask your boyfriend? Look at the following:
  93. Have you any memory about your first love?
  94. Do you like drinking alcohol?
  95. Which was your first alcohol experience?
  96. Which was your first sexual experience?
  97. What was the most unusual present you’ve ever got?
    odd gift
  98. When did your first relationships begin?
  99. Do you like home animals? What kind?
  100. If a pretty girl wanted to meet you, would you agree?
  101. Who was your idol in the childhood?
  102. Have you ever broken your legs or arms?
  103. What was the most pleasant thing you've ever done for anybody?
  104. How much money would you like to earn?
  105. Do you like cars? What?
  106. Do you often tell the lie?
  107. Do you have a favorite star?
  108. Do you have a famous star, whom you hate most of all?
  109. Have you ever had sympathy to teacher?
  110. Are you a happy man?
    happy black man
  111. Imagine that you stay at the island and have nothing to eat. What would you do?
  112. Would you agree to go travelling in the open space?
  113. Do you believe in Heaven?
  114. What is the worst action you’ve ever did with your friend?
  115. What is your main secret?
  116. How can you describe your growing up?
  117. Do you find hunting cruel or you like it?
  118. Do you think that woman have to work less than man?
  119. Do you think that soul mates exist?
  120. Do you believe in friendship between woman and man?
  121. Do you believe that love from the first sight exists?
  122. Have you ever fallen in love with your best friend?
  123. Have you ever fallen in love with the girlfriend of your friend?
  124. Do you respect senior people?
  125. Have you ever made anything criminal?
    black man jail
  126. Have you ever wanted to commit suicide?
  127. What can you tell about your High school time?
  128. Can you play any musical instrument?
  129. Can you draw?
  130. What were your hobbies in your childhood?
  131. Have you had friend of childhood?
  132. What kinds of music do you like most of all?
  133. Have you ever betrayed or been betrayed?
  134. Do you think that people should forgive each other after betrayal?
  135. Have you ever had a sexual failure?
  136. Have you ever liked a boy?
  137. Do you like amoral jokes?
    sex jokes
  138. What kinds of jokes do you like most of all?
  139. Do you think that girls have a bad sense of humor?
  140. What is the cleverest man, in your opinion?
  141. What countries have you been to?
  142. What countries would you like to visit?

    Important questions to ask your boyfriend
    dating black men
    And these are the most important questions you should ask your boyfriend. They help you to know more about your further relationships. Look at these things to know about your boyfriend:
  143. Would you begin to date the girl who is older than you? Why?
  144. What do you consider the main thing in love relations?
  145. What do you think about the abstention from sex for some period of time?
  146. Do you consider that the relations improve after marriage?
  147. Could you hit a woman?
  148. What do you think about marriage in general?
  149. Do you like small children?
    black man with baby
  150. What is the optimal age for marriage, in your opinion?

Due to this information, you will be able to find any good question to ask your boyfriend. Hope that problem “what to ask your boyfriend” won’t disturb you anymore!

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