3-Date Rule: How soon to have sex?

Have you ever managed to have sex before the first dating? Have you heard about the 3-date rule? And what about 3rd date sex?


Victims of femininity and sexuality trainings are hard to adjust to the schemes that really work in a relationship with men.They have long been taught that a man should pay for everything - otherwise your relationship is doomed to failure. Women are routinely ta ught to pretend and deceive the boys to achieve their goals. Ask - and you either get it or say "No". In any case, you will quickly get an answer, instead of the deceived expectations.

The rule of 3 dates

The West is prominent by its unwritten "rule of 3 dates," according to which at the 3rd date young people have sex. The principle is: if you do not like each other, then to the 3rd rendezvous everything is clarified. If there is a mutual sympathy, it's time to have sex. Both men and women are a little bit nervous before the third date - they worry about how everything goes on, what will be next? According to various studies, about 50% of men who have sex on the third date or before, half of which on the 1-2 date. Western women usually let men come to their homes, where they feel more comfortable.

3-date rule has been known for many years, since the 80s of the last century. Almost all adults have heard about the "rule of 3 dates". But today the situation is changing. According to the research, today the average Western girls are waiting for a longer time. They need 5 dates to have sex with a new partner. Other ladies suppose that are usually "8 dates" before the first sex, and that they voice this rule during the first few meetings, which usually boys perceive with understanding.

For or against?

Why does it work? Because she speaks honestly about the rules immediately. If the guy does not agree, he could stop the communication. But if you agree, he knows that after 8 meetings, it is not necessary to take the fortress by storm - his affection will be accepted with pleasure.

You are mistaken if you think that guys like to take girls by storm. They certainly prefer to know in advance the conditions of the game, honesty and certainty are very important.

Both of you are worried, and not just you alone. He worried as much as you, and even more. You in this regard, have nothing to worry about, except whether he wants to see you after the first sex. The less stress he will experience at the time of the first sexual experience, the greater are the chances for the future.

And to be sure what the future relationship will be wonderful, it is important to have emotional intimacy, or a sense of community and trust. Different people need different amounts of time to connect with another person on an emotional level: someone needs only 10 minutes, and for the other the year is not enough.

Why? Because they do not know how to control themselves and their thoughts, are not able to open up to another person, get rid of the "protection". Typically, these people do not like and do not value themselves, so they are afraid to tell the truth and to reveal their desires, feelings.

Happy moment

Really prosperous relationship is built on a strong physical attraction of partners. How would you feel if, instead of interest in your appearance and character, your boyfriend is more interested in your salary and apartments and villas?

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"If she does not kiss me at a 3rd rendezvous, she is here because of the food."

To have or not to have?

If you do not feel the desire to kiss and hug the man at the 3rd meeting, if you absolutely can not imagine being in bed with him - you do not need "more time" to his "start trusting" - you need to gather the courage and say that you are unlikely to fall in love with him.

Think of a man with whom you had crazy love. That is what you have to look for, but with a different character, more suitable faithful and loving husband.

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