5 rules of the morning sex

How good can the morning sex be? If you use these 5 rules, you can enjoy it often.

Morning sex rules

Why should you have sex in the morning? A good question to ask. There are several reasons you may want to do that and some simple rules to follow to get the most pleasure out of it.

Morning sex rules: what are they?

Most men have what they call the “morning wood”. You’ve guessed what it is. So, they are ready and prepared for having sex in the mornings. However, not all the ladies are inclined to agree. These rules will help you both get the pleasure and have an excellent start of the day.

Morning sex

  1. Get two in one bottle
    By this we mean that you can combine morning sex and morning shower. Lure your partner there and start helping them rubbing the soap into their skin. Wash and kiss them gently. Most likely the other party won’t able to resist the temptation. And you do not have to set up a special time for sex. You go through your regular morning routine and have it.
  2. Start the day with pleasure
    Too many of us rush things. We wake up and our heads get flooded with the thoughts on problems, challenges, etc. Pay yourself first. That’s the rule that makes life pleasant. And it pertains to sex, too. So, start the day with the pleasurable experience by having sex first.
  3. Get quick sex session
    Most people do not have much time in the morning. So, agree on doing it passionately and quickly to the mutual pleasure.

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    sex rules
  4. Opt in for the oral pleasures
    This could be an ideal option for both of you. If the lady is not very eager, be the first one to please her and tackle her into paying you back.
  5. Get comfortable
    Avoid trying new positions that require complicated movements and acrobat skills. The last thing you want in the morning is to get strained. So, relax and enjoy!

These 5 rules of the morning sex can help you to boost your mutual enjoyment of it! It’s time to start!How good can the morning sex be? If you use these 5 rules, you can enjoy it often.

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