9 women's body parts to touch to make her go crazy

Do you want to satisfy your girlfriend? There is something that you need to know about her body and the ways to satisfy her! Check out this article.

women’s body parts

Every man knows which body parts of a woman to touch in order to sexually satisfy her. And it’s a well known fact that not only touching such women’s body parts as butt and boobs will make her go crazy.

Some guys think that they know everything about how to make their girlfriends want them but sometimes they just overestimate their knowledge about women’s body.

Your woman will definitely appreciate if you think of her more as a personality than just as a sexual object.

And if you want to let her know what you really think of her, trying something new in terms of sexual life will be a great idea. Moreover, if you put enough effort into it, your girl will definitely thank you and do something back too.

Touch her hair

Most women really like doing their hairstyles. And the majority of men really appreciate when women have long and neat hair. But there is more to it than a simple aspiration for beauty.

Try to touch your girlfriend’s hair and both of you will surely enjoy it. Not only it will make her feel loved and beautiful, it might also turn her on. You can also try to massage her hair – it will help her get rid of stress.

women’s body parts

Touching your girlfriend’s pelvis

Don’t forget about one of the most important body parts – her pelvis. It might be a good idea to stimulate the area next to her vagina. Tease her, pay attention to her inner thighs!

If you keep on doing it for a while you will surely make her really excited. After a while she will ask you for more and your sex will surely be unforgettable! What is more, she will definitely think of your skills very highly.

Inner thighs!

Once again, vagina isn’t the most important erogenous zone of the woman’s body. Teasing her without actually getting inside is a great way to make her go crazy about you.

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Touching her inner thighs is a great way to express your intimate feelings. It’s important to start with something else before actually having sex.

Feet are also a great option

There is no doubt that the massage of your feet feels just incredible. Moreover, no one will disagree that there’s something sexual to it. Therefore, if you want your woman to feel pleased you can just go for massaging her feet.

However, you should remember that every person is different and that there are those girls who find it a really bad way to express affection. But if you are sure that your beloved will love it, don’t hesitate.

women’s body parts

It would be a great idea to use some lotion or cream in order to do it right. Make sure that you’re not neglecting any areas of her foot! Some men really don’t mind putting the toes of their girlfriends in their mouth.

But it will surely be a great idea to talk to her about it first.

Ears and earlobes in particular!

It’s not a secret to anyone that when your partner is even whispering something to your ear you start feeling a little bit excited.

Therefore, if you already haven’t noticed it, don’t miss your chance to pay attention to this women body part. You can touch it with your fingers or, what is way better, kiss the earlobes and lick them a little!

Your lady will enjoy it!

Palms?! Unexpected!

Do you wonder how to cause shivers? Another great way to do it is neglected by a lot of people. But how simple is that to trace the finger along the palm of your woman?

Do it while looking into her eyes and both of you will never forget this moment of intimacy. However, it might just turn into having fun together in case your girlfriend is ticklish.

women’s body parts

Other than that, hold hands a lot and try to be as tender as possible.

Sides of the knees

You might find it surprising that women can actually get turned on when you touch their knees and especially the back side. How about doing it when you are in the middle of the street?

Sounds extreme but yet it’s not that inappropriate. In general, doing something sexual in front of other people is really exciting. Try it in order to add something new to your relationship.

Don’t hesitate to touch her back

Touching the back of your girlfriend is definitely a gesture that shows how much feelings you have for her. Moreover, women usually feel really protected in this situation.

As for the sexual side of the question, girls get excited really easily when men touch or lick their back. Make sure that you are slow and tender and your girlfriend will be satisfied!

Neck is a very sensitive area

Who doesn’t like being kissed on the neck? It’s always better to start with placing your fingers there. It is a great option if you two are in the public place. This way it will just be a sign of attraction and love.

But if you want to go further than that you can always start kissing the neck of your lady. You probably know how fantastic it feels!

Even though it might seem obvious to somebody, there are still people who think that vagina and breasts are more important.

Don’t be shy!                   

There are a lot of women body parts to touch. Even if you have literally no sexual experience, don’t think of it as a great problem. Try something new every time and talk to your girlfriend about it.

Ask her what she wants and what she likes. You can only learn by trying. Don’t worry you will become experienced after a while. In general, the girls usually intuitively know how you feel about them.

But it’s still a great idea to do things that please them.

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