All you need is love or who is the shortest couple in the world?

Today it’s so hard to live in this cruel world without love. In my opinion everyone must have his “better half”. There are 4 top couples, which are slightly extraordinary for us. But we should respect them, because they prove their love every day!  So, let’s see these “shortest couple” in the world.

love short couple

  • First undersized couple lives in Brazil. The man and the wife are less than 90 cm! He is 88.4 cm and she is 89.4 cm. He's sick of a diastrohic dwarfism, and she has a congenital chondrodystrophy. Paulo Gabriel is a secretary, and his love has her own beauty shop.

Paulo admitted, he fell in love from the first sight. But unfortunately, she didn’t like him, and she blocked him on the social network.

However, after a year and a half she decided to reconnect with Paulo. After 2 months, he traveled over 300 km to arrive to Katyusha’s hometown in Londrina and finally see her.

5 days later they started dating, and 4 years later decided to live together. They like traveling, going to parties a lot. They also adore ice-cream and Japanese food.


 Of course this couple plans to get married and probably have a baby, although for Katusha will be hard to carry him. And Paulo plans to be a candidate for mayor in his hometown. That was a beautiful story about 2 sweethearts. They just want to be happy together.

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By the way there is a video story about this amazing couple:

  • The second impressive Chinese couple wants to get into the Guinness book of records as the pair with the lowest height. Li Tangyong, whose height is 108cm has married on Chen Guilan. Her height is 71 cm.

The couple said that they had to cancel their wedding for the next three years. Their relatives were against this marriage. But true love can overcome all difficulties.

During their wedding, the little couple has announced that they have sent a request in the Guinness Book of records. Today they are waiting for the answer. To see this wedding came the crowd of people, but many journalists of local media. Maybe it is true love, maybe just hoping to get into the Guinness Book of records. Who knows!

  • Two Brazilians Douglas Maistre Breger da Silva and Claudia Pereira Rocha are the shortest married couple. They married in 27 of October, in 1998, in Curitiba, Brazil.

He is 90 cm and she is 93 cm. But this detail doesn’t prevent them to love each other. Together their height is 183 cm, but they don’t care of it.

  • The most "undersized" family in the world lives in dense wood, which occupies the Northern half of Madagascar. The head of the family is a forty-year-old Giata Balanba and his height is of 51 cm. One of the hostesses — the first wife Namita Temperatu managed to grow up to 49.5 cm. The height of the second wife — Nahamu  Sarvata Toby is 46 cm, and their daughter Karatau Amanitare is only 43.5 cm. Anthropologists and psychologists believe that these anomalies arise because of some genetic changes in the body.

So, the wise old proverb says: “All kinds of people, people of every description”. I wish you all be happy and meet you true love! 

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