Are humans meant to be monogamous?

What is polygamy? What is monogamy? Who are monogamous – men or women? 5 myths about monogamy and polygamy. Read below


Monogamy - historical form of monogamous marriage and the  monogamous family in which two members of opposite sexes are in the marriage covenant. Contrast polygamy, in which a representative of the same sex has more than one marriage partner of the opposite sex. Monogamous antonym is polygamous.

Polygamy - many marriages, in which the marriage of the same sex partner has more than one marriage partner of the opposite sex. It has two forms - polygyny and polyandry.

The practice of polygyny existed among the majority of peoples in all parts of the world and still exists among the tribes of Africa, Melanesia, America and so on., as well as in Muslim and Buddhist people in Asia and Africa. Nowhere polygyny does not occur as a general phenomenon for entire nations, as in this case would have to be at least twice as many women than men. Polygamy is mentioned there in the Old Testament. Among the biblical men with many wives - Abraham, Jacob, Esau, David and Solomon.


5 myths about monogamy and polygamy (monogamous and polygamous people)

Myth 1. Monogamy - is one partner for life.

Monogamy - is the creation of stable union of two opposite-sex partners in a more or less prolonged period of time. Roughly speaking, this is just the creation of the pair. Polygamy - species that do not form a pair, even for a short period of time.

Myth 2. Women are monogamous and men are polygamous.

Monogamy is used here as a synonym of attraction to one partner. And polygamy, respectively, as a synonym of attraction to more. Infidelity in the interpretation attributed to men irresistible inclination to polygamy. Women just like men, suffer periodically attraction and sexual desire to attractive members of the opposite sex, regardless of whether they married or in a committed relationship, love they the elect or do not love. Respectable women rarely admit it, afraid to seem loose. Men consider their sexual desire as a sign of male prowess and good potential.

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Myth 3. Men need to spread their genes.

Man produces millions of sperm in one emission of semen and may conceive children at least every day. The woman at the birth of at least one child will need at least a year. We can conclude - woman need only one man, and the man can have a lot of women.


Myth 4. Polygamy is natural for people. Monogamy is artificially imposed by the state.

Polygamy - a marriage of several individuals. Its basic types - polygyny, polyandry and group marriage. Whether monogamy is imposed by the state? Rather, it is supported by the state, but not imposed. Is now someone forbids to bear children out of wedlock, to engage in swing, living three or four? Such practices are often condemned by society, but not controlled by the state. So if you really want to live in a polygamous union, or keep completely sexually promiscuous, then you can do so safely and legally, since there are no penalties for corruption and adultery, if it does not flaunt.  However, despite it men and women still continue to create families, continue to fall in love, and love, form couples, live together and raise children.  Even homosexual partners tend to marriage.

Myth 5. Person is polygamy by nature, and not monogamous. Because of it there are so many treasons and divorces.

The sexual life of a person is much more difficult than the other species. It depends on education, parents' example, embedded systems in childhood, cultural environment, level of spiritual development, the presence or absence of moral values. For some, the betrayal is a great sin, but for someone is fun, a way to increase their self-esteem and satisfaction of immediate needs. There are thousands of reasons. If we will bring them all to a single - animal instinctive tendency to polygamy, we will drop people to the lowest level primitive.

Basically this happens because these myths meet the needs of people, serve their interests. Someone they allow to commit adultery and not to burden their conscience, and someone help to close eye on them.  Everyone wants to be unique and a favorite, but not everyone knows how to love and to be faithful. Stereotypes make it possible to shed the blame for the happening,  to be at peace with itself, protect from uncomfortable truths and related neuroses. Also it make life more interesting and varied - you can love and suffer, come and go - it's all very exciting and fill our routine, especially if you have nothing else to do.

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