Are men’s nipples sensitive?

Can touching male nipples lead to sexual arousal because of their sensitivity? Find out now.

 nipples sensitive?

Men and women have similarly looking nipples, but are the equally sensual and usable in sex? Let us find out now.

No one really knows why men have nipple and even small mammary glands. They do not use them to feed the babies, that’s certain. There are only theories scientists provide, but no clear answer. Basically, until the puberty time boys and girls have the same structure of nipples. But then things change. Girls grow boobs, but male nipples stay underdeveloped.

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In some conditions males can lactate and feed the babies and it’s a proven scientific fact. All these facts on nipples are interesting but the question is:

 men’s nipples sensitive?

Are male nipples as sensitive as the female ones?

Can you use them in foreplay to get the man sexually active? Do men feel pleasure, when their nipples are stimulated? Theoretically, these are the two hot buttons. If you “train” a man to react to touching or stimulating them in other ways, it can lead to erection.

However, most men report, that touching this area is not very sexy for them. It’s not listed among the 5 top places men like to be touched. So, you can use them as your additional tool by licking or gently biting them, but get focused a bit lower on other important organs!

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