Are Nigerian men worth dating them?

Would you consider dating a Nigerian man? Why or why not? Here is a list of most common qualities of character of a Nigerian man to help you make your choice.

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It is always an inspiring thing to date a new person. It is not only a new stage in life when you start thinking not only about yourself but also about another person. It is a time for you when you learn to build the relationship with someone whose worldview and attitude to life in various aspects is different than yours.

However, dating a new person is also thrilling, as you do not really know what to expect. Being prepared is a good thing, so read our list of the qualities of Nigerian men to see what dating him will look like.

It is commonly believed that Nigerian men will not let their wife rule the family and give him orders no matter what she thinks she is worth. However, there is more to learn about them to be sure you are ready to go on that journey with a Nigerian man, and maybe even marry him one day.

Nigerian man is worth dating as he is open to new cultures and viewpoints. They have no strict cultural background; therefore, there is nothing that can stop them from dating a woman from a different part of the world. Among all the issues, her “being international” will not be a problem for him.

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If you are thinking of whether to give dating a Nigerian man shot, you should definitely do it. These men can melt your hearts with their open-minded attitude to the world and people coming from different social and cultural background. So this is the reason number one why you should consider dating a Nigerian man in the first place.

As you know Nigerians are quite friends and hospitable. If you happen to be their guest, they will treat you with the greatest respect and hospitability possible. In the views of such an approach to the relationship, they promise to be fruitful, as the man will be ready to accept differences and try his best to make his woman feel loved and cared for.

One more reason why dating a Nigerian man can be a good idea is that they are very open at the thought of women being initiators. That is why a woman can come to Nigeria to meet Nigerian black man, and in case she likes someone, it will be okay for her to initiate closer communication and even dating.

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Moreover, in case a woman wants to visit Nigeria, she will be astonished by the number of attractions and surprises it has to offer. Not only it has numerous of cafes, bars, and restaurants but also tourist sightseeing spots. Nigeria has an incredible culture, enormous heritage, and it is always interesting to see what their culture is about.

Another advantage of dating a Nigerian man is that he is aware of the fact that he is a provider for the family. He will not delegate this responsibility to a woman under no circumstances and will do his best to make sure his family is happy and taken good care of. Moreover, if you are looking for a black man to date with the long-term prospects, you should build the relationship with a Nigerian guy, as he is mostly family-oriented. Being brought up in a patriarchal society a Nigerian man knows what it means to be a man and aims to comply with the high standard. So do not worry about huge utility bills or mortgage: your Nigerian husband will take care of that.

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I do not know whether you consider it an advantage or disadvantage, but a Nigerian man will no let his woman run the house and give commands. Women with stronger characters would have to learn what it means to be humble and submissive to their husbands. Personally, I believe that this is a good thing. It night take the time to adjust to this situation, but this is the way God intended it to be for a family to be happy and healthy.

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Nigerian men are not spoiled; if needed they will do work that seems to be below their dignity, but they are fine with as long as it makes them able to provide for the family. This is their way of providing for the family by all means.

Nigerian men also love children. It is commonly known that Nigerian men would spend time with their children, play with them in their most goofy games and be there for them when they need a hand. A father in a Nigerian family is not only a bread-winner. He cares about the welfare of his family, and one part of that prosperity is the amount of care and attention his children and wife get from him. He will set a good example for the boys and will be very gentle with his daughters. And that is why Nigerian man is the best one to date.

Some people claim that being appealing and attractive, Nigerian men can use that to have affairs on the side. Well, even if it happens, it is not something only about the Nigerians. People are dishonest and unfair; that is why they cheat. It is not a national identity that makes them do it, but rather a state of heart and mind. People are equally sinful in Nigeria as well as in other parts of the world. So it is not fair saying that Nigerian men are the biggest cheaters.

You might find it difficult to be married to a demanding Nigerian man. It does not mean that there is something wrong with the man. Probably you two came from different backgrounds, and that might be a disadvantage for you when you think of dating a man from Nigeria. Nigerian men tend to be slightly different from men that were brought up in the Western culture. They consider many things that are okay with Western men and women inappropriate and rude.

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For instance, most Nigerian men want to go to a church to get married. It is very unlikely that he will agree just to go to the court to get married. The court is not an option, as they want to have their parents and friends to be the witnesses of their decision of spending the rest of their lives together with the woman they walk down the aisle. This state of mind is unusual for women from the States where going to church is considered to be too religious to do at a wedding.

Take into consideration that Nigerian men are not likely to marry a woman they club with. It is believed that a female that spends much time in a club drinking alcohol and dancing with men she does not even know, she might be a faithful wife and a good mother. That is why Nigerian men can go to a night club and dance till the dawn. However, they are more likely to find a wife outside of the night club. And especially about alcohol: Nigerian men think that a woman that drinks alcohol is something inappropriate. It is almost a crime for her to do that!

You will also be interested to learn this before you go on a date with a Nigerian man: it is commonly believed that a woman should be good at cooking. Not being able to cook or not cooking at home is not an option for her, I am not even discussed. However, even more, men prefer their women to be good at cooking and aim to master new meals to surprise her family.

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As you see, there are many things you should think about when thinking of dating a Nigerian man. It is a serious step, and it needs your precise attention. You might be spending the rest of your life with this person, and that is when it gets serious.

Nigerian men are tactful and caring, but at the same time they are the leaders and tend to be domineering. You would either have to submit and make our peace with it, or keep searching for a man that will get you feel discriminated. Finally, in case you choose to date a Nigerian man, he will make you feel like a queen by making everything he can to support you.

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