Are sex toys safe?

Are sex toys safe for using in your marriage? Get the 4 rules on how to use them.

Presently sex has become a topic discussed publicly. People are less shy to talk about it and are eager to find new ways of making their marriage sex fun and enjoyable. So, some of them use sex toys.

How to make your sex toys

How to make your sex toys safe

If you visit sex shop online or offline, you can find a variety of such toys, including dildos, rubber clothing, vagina trainers, etc. Most of these things are inserted inside a female body. So, you do want to make sure they are safe. Here are few sex toys safety tips:

  • Read the instruction
    Do not let your imagination to run away with you. Certain toys are crafted for certain purposes. Just like with your kids’ toys. If a child uses them properly, there is no danger, but if they start misusing them, they can cause damage. So, read the instruction on how to use any particular toy and stick with it.
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  • Read the specifications
    Carefully read the part where it describes the materials sex toys are made of. Since you are to use them in the sensitive parts of your body, they should be safe. Some paints or material used in toys can be toxic and may evoke allergic reaction in your body, such as itching, redness or rushes.
  • Keep sex toys clean
    That is your responsibility. Clean them before and after the use. Do it thoroughly to make them safe.
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  •  Do not share
    These are for private use only. So, lending them to another person is not a good idea. It’s an easy way to get an STD.

These rules of buying and using sex toys would help you to enjoy them with no harm done.


A popular myth is the fact that sex toys can cause the development of various infectious diseases of the genital organs, as it potentially can become a breeding ground for microorganisms. In fact, the strict observance of the rules for the use of intimate toys and careful maintenance guarantee complete harmlessness to the health. Sex toys are made of non-porous materials, which eliminates the possibility of reproduction of bacteria inside the product. In addition, the sex shop you can purchase special cleaning products for this or that kind of toys that are not only perfectly cleanse it, but will prolong the life of your favorite amusing gizmos.

Games with sex toys allow you to better learn your body and discover previously unknown its capabilities. The frequent use of toys not only reduces the sensitivity of erogenous zones (this is what says a common misconception), but also reveals new my sex horizons. That toys can become a source of inspiration even for long-established couples who have long had to try everything and seem to have completely lost the ability to be surprised. Insertion sex toys newness and freshness – the best prevention of rupture because of the boredom and ordinariness of sex.

Answered 1 year ago.

In any case, the toy will cause harm if used improperly. And something tells me that all these toys are toxic, and can not affect our health, especially if used inside. Maybe they increase the pleasure of sex, but I still do not understand, and toys we didn't use. Always considered them unsafe. But to clothing positive attitude, it is no harm to your health will not cause. Although, many couples can understand, because over the years, the pull towards each other disappears, and this passion former need to ignite.

Answered 1 year ago.

Now there are so many different kinds of sex toys, to whom they give pleasure to someone there. Honestly, I have a negative attitude to sex toys, I have a husband who I love very much, and I it is quite enough. More interested in sex toys I think single people who do not have this opportunity to share with a live person. Of course there are exceptions who want something new and unusual for married couples. These people played not just sex toys, but also engaged in various sex orgies and grupovogo. Thanks for the article, I am confident that it will be very interesting to all.

Answered 1 year ago.

I know that many couples are addicted to sex toys. Referring to the fact that they increase the desire to increase the fun , thrill and give more. But , honestly, I do not like this . In addition , I believe that not all sex toys of good quality, they are safe for health and for use . Of course, can I have outdated views on sexual relations , but I prefer to get pleasure from a partner and not from any vibrating stick . To each his own I guess. But I'm even in the sex shop to go and somehow not on itself.

Answered 1 year ago.
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