Are transgenders gay?

Who are transgender people? Why do some people consider themselves as transgenders? Why is there discrimination against transgender people? Are transgenders and gays are the same? Read below

Transgender identify

Transgender is a mismatch of human gender identity with spelled birth sex. Some transgender people identify themselves with the sex that is opposite to ascribe. Others have identities beyond the binary gender system.

 Transgender itself is not a disease or disorder. At the same time some transgender people due to the mismatch of their self-perception and expectations surrounding have a great stress, that can seriously affect their health and quality of life. Such stress is called gender dysphoria. Often the optimal solution os this problem can be transgender transfer, which may include a medical procedure with the correction of gender and changing of the documents.  In many cases the heavy stress that transgender people have, is not directly connected with their condition, and is caused by discrimination and rejection from others - transphobia.

Why do some people consider themselves as transgenders?

It is clear. It sometimes happens that a man was born a man, he was raised as a man, but all his life he feels like a woman. However, transgender, who was born as a man, will not always feels like a woman. He can perceive himself as a person, to whom socially accepted notions of gender identity do not apply. He will not feel himself no man, neither woman.

It may be the other situation: a person born as a man will meet with women as man, but at the same time will feel himself as the woman. After the change of gender the person will continue to meet with the women, that is he will become a homosexual. However, such a person may not have a sexual attraction to both sexes. Thus, transgender does not related with sexual attraction.

He or she?

What does it mean to be transgender?     

In the US, about 700 thousand people can relate themselves to transgender people. Generally, transgender or trans - is a general term that combines all the variety of options. Many people experiencing difficulties with gender identity, trying to behave according to gender roles.

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Others make a "transition". Some people need only to perform a "social transition", when a man asks his friends and family to see himself in a different way - as a woman or a man, or a person of indeterminate sex. Other carries "transition" with hormonal therapy and surgery to bring their body in a line with their internal feelings. After such operations some people change the social circle and even go to other cities to keep the secret and avoid condemnation.

Sex-change operations are quite traumatic, many transgenders feel themselves comfortable in their old body, so they do not turn to surgeons. But in some cases surgery is necessary to make, because a mismatch of internal feelings and external symptoms oppresses and causes depression.

There is a misconception that transgender people are the third gender. In fact it is not so, many transgender people identify themselves as male or female, although there are those who can not carry itself to any one nor the other.


Why is there discrimination against transgender people?

"Transgenders are crazy," - think people. Cause of discrimination is one. It does not matter, it refers to gays, transgender people, members of a different race or people with disabilities. This lack of information, fear of the unknown and the idea of their superiority due to the fact that someone is different. This also applies to non-compliance of real life established ideas about it, which is why a person has a phobia, developing into aggression.

In fact in many ways it is ordinary people who are not very different from those who are fighting against them.

They like the same things, stay in the same traffic jams, criticize the government, playing football, watching "Game of Thrones" and so on.

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